Whitehorse crews put out house fire

Whitehorse fire crews were called to a home on Liard Road in Riverdale just after 6 a.m.

No one hurt in Tuesday morning blaze in Riverdale

Residents stand outside their house on Liard Road in Whitehorse, after crews extinguished a fire Tuesday morning. (CBC)

Whitehorse fire crews extinguished a house fire in Riverdale Tuesday morning.

They were called to a home on Liard Road just after 6 a.m.

Everyone in the house got out safely.

The homeowners had just moved into the house Monday night and were awakened when their downstairs tenant smelled smoke.

Terry Scheel has lived in the home’s basement for 8 years and said she doesn’t know where she will live now.

"I don’t really have renters insurance," said Scheel. "So I'm guessing that everything I have is gone. I'm just happy that my cat is safe, nobody got hurt."

Barry Blisner, with the Whitehorse Fire Department, said the new owners had cleaned the ashes out of a woodstove and put them in a pail on the deck.

Based on the evidence, he said the ashes were most likely the cause of the blaze.

Blisner said ashes should always be moved away from a building, even if they seem to be cold.

The Whitehorse Fire Department estimates the damage at $100,000.