Whitehorse apartment manager fed up with extra trash

An apartment manager in downtown Whitehorse says the Yukon Housing Corporation isn't providing adequate garbage receptacles for the tenants in one of its buildings.

Anne Pittens says residents of nearby Yukon Housing units are dumping their trash in her dumpster

The manager of this apartment building, on Hoge Street in downtown Whitehorse, says people who don't live in the building are using its dumpster. (Mike Rudyk/CBC)

The manager of an apartment building on Hoge Street in downtown Whitehorse says the dumpster at her building is filling up faster than usual because it's being used by people who don't live there. 

Anne Pittens says her own tenants will face rent increases if she has to continue dealing with extra trash. (Mike Rudyk/CBC)
Anne Pittens says the Yukon Housing Corporation isn't providing adequate receptacles for its tenants in its housing units across the street.

"Eleven of my 22 tenants live on this side of the building and they watch the action from their balcony," she says. "They need somewhere to put their garbage. So it comes here."

Pittens says the black and green city bins provided to the Yukon Housing tenants aren't enough.

Shortly after Pittens complained to the Yukon Housing Corporation in May, a dumpster was installed in the area. Pittens says it was meant to be left until mid-August as a pilot project, but she says it disappeared last week.

The Yukon Housing Corporation said it's looking into the disappearance. It's also figuring out its next course of action.

"[Yukon Housing Corporation] will determine whether or not a dumpster can stay in place longer after evaluating the two month pilot. If it is not successful then other options will need to be explored," wrote the department's spokesperson, Tim Sellars, in an email to CBC. 

Pittens says her own tenants will face rent increases if she has to continue to deal with extra trash.


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