'We're going to give it a try': Addjub the reindeer joins parade

Trainer Anna Johannson says reindeer had stress-free day yesterday and she expects he'll do well in the Santa Claus parade today in Inuvik, N.W.T.

Trainer says reindeer had 'very good day' Saturday, without stress

Anna Johannson, Addjub's trainer, says if Addjub isn't calm and relaxed during the parade, then she'll just take him home. (submitted by Anna Johannson)

An 18-month-old reindeer that has garnered attention across the North is going to try to be part of Inuvik, N.W.T.'s Santa Claus parade Sunday. 

Anna Johannson has been training Addjub for ten days now, trying to get him comfortable around people so she could lead him in today's event. 

Just a couple days ago, Addjub was still skittish, having difficulty remaining calm unless Johannson was feeding him lichen, his new favourite meal.

I have a good feeling about today.- Anna Johannson. trainer

So it had to be a last-minute call for Johannson to know if Addjub was ready. But she says he had a "very good," stress-free day yesterday.

"We're hoping that he's just going to stay nice and relaxed and calm and that everyone will enjoy seeing him," she said. 

Johannson walked Addjub into town at about 1 p.m. MT, just in time for the town's parade — and possibly, for Addjub to steal the spotlight from a certain guy in a red suit. 

"I have a good feeling about today," Johannson said. "I'm pretty sure Addjub will rise to the occasion and he'll actually enjoy it too."

But Johannson says there's still a chance Addjub won't like being a part of the parade, and that's fine too. 

"If he does start to panic, we'll just come straight home."

Inuvik's Santa Claus parade is today at 2 p.m.