Walter Strong

Walter Strong is a CBC reporter and editor in Yellowknife.

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New discovery at Gahcho Kué mine could be good news for N.W.T., company bottom line

The discovery of a new diamond bearing kimberlite pipe at the Gahcho Kué diamond mine in the N.W.T. bodes well for the mine's potential, says the company's CEO.

Dene resilience in the life and times of Antoine Mountain

Antoine Mountain’s memoir celebrated Dene resilience and is dedicated to future generations of Dene youth.

Meander River, Alta., under mandatory evacuation order

Meander River, Alta., is under a mandatory evacuation order. Concern is that the Steen River fire may arrive near Meander River Wednesday night.

Take a look inside the new Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife

The new Stanton Territorial Hospital is on time and on budget, and includes many improvements over the old operation, representatives say.

Future Arctic won't look like the Arctic we know now, says report

Indicators of Arctic climate change all point toward one thing: the Arctic is moving into a period of unprecedented change that could remake our image of it.

Nunavut's Mars training ground now available on Google Street View

Google went to Devon Island, Nunavut, with Mars Institute researchers to help bring attention to the work NASA is doing there.

Arctic now locked into devastating temperature rise, UN report says

A new report out today published by the UN Environment Assembly says a damaging rise in Arctic temperatures is now likely inevitable, regardless of whether or not comments made in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change are met.

$5M boost for rare earth elements project at Thor Lake, N.W.T.

A $5 million investment from private Australian company secures rights to advance a small-scale pilot mining project this summer.

$4M drilling program near Yellowknife won't happen this winter

This would have been the fifth winter drill program TerraX financed on its Yellowknife City Gold project.

National collection enriched by close to 1,000 works of Inuit art

Majority of new collection are works made by woman, giving insight into the role of woman in Inuit art.

Inuk elder recalls the day her family was forced to relocate, nearly 70 years ago

Mary Anowtalik has kept her story out of the public eye until now. She was a young girl when the Canadian government uprooted her life, destroying almost everything her family owned, and moved them to a barren land far from home.

Fort Smith trapper says town unfairly seized his 2 working dogs

William Hoffman, a trapper in Fort Smith, N.W.T., had two of his working dogs seized by the town. The mayor says the town was acting on multiple public safety complaints about the animals.

Mackenzie Valley pipeline project officially one for the history books

The joint-venture proponents behind the Mackenzie Valley Gas Project have ended their partnership, bringing to a close the dream of a Mackenzie Valley pipeline, and its potential wealth effect.

New regional Métis organization in the works in N.W.T.

Proposed collective would represent Mackenzie Valley Métis, wherever they might reside now.

Arctic understanding limited by patchy field work, scientist says

Our understanding of climate change across the Arctic — and its implications for the rest of the world — may have troubling blind spots.