Video: Watch the Yukon toe swallower in action

A video has surfaced of a man swallowing the human toe that comes in a shot of whiskey in a Dawson City hotel bar.
Video of the man in a Dawson City bar who swallowed the human toe in the bar's signature drink. (Video courtesy Sy Wagen) 1:59

A video has surfaced of the man swallowing the human toe that comes in a shot of whiskey in a Dawson City hotel bar.

In the video, taken last weekend, a man who states his name as Josh Clark is shown preparing to drink the shot of Yukon Gold whiskey that comes served in a glass and garnished with a desiccated human toe. It's a tradition for bar patrons at Dawson City's Downtown Hotel to take the shot and let the toe touch their lips, but there's a strict $500 fine for swallowing the toe.

In the video, Clark is shown drinking the shot of whiskey, and he lets the toe tumble into his mouth. He then appears to move it around in his mouth in order to swallow it.

He then reaches for a beer chaser and takes a sip before jumping up from the table, triumphantly. He slaps $500 down on the table to pay the fine, and leaves.

Click here to watch the entire video, which CBC News obtained from Sy Wagen.

Unless you pay the fine, the regular price of the drink is $5. It's estimated that more than 60,000 people have paid for the privilege of drinking a shot of Yukon Gold whiskey featuring the genuine human toe. Over the years, more than eight toes have gone missing or been stolen or destroyed. A new replacement has been found every time.