Bank accidentally renames Iqaluit resident 'Victoria Nunavut' on new debit card

Victoria Way-van Piggelen has lived in Nunavut for six years, but said she's not ready to take it on as a last name.

'I hear that there is some pageant going on looking for Miss Nunavut, so ... here I am'

Victoria Way-van Piggelen got married in October and recently decided to change her last name. TD Bank accidentally renamed her. (Submitted by Victoria Way van Piggelen)

Iqaluit resident, Victoria Way-van Piggelen, has a new alter ego.

She got married in October last year and decided to hyphenate her maiden name with her husband Roger's last name, van Piggelen.

Way-van Piggelen was in Regina visiting family recently, when she decided it was time to make her name change official with her bank.

But TD Canada Trust accidently renamed her.

When she received her new debit card in the mail, her new name wasn't on it — instead it read "Victoria Nunavut."

She said she knew it was meant for her because it had the same debit card number she's had for years.

Victoria Way-van Piggelen received a debit card in the mail with her name written as 'Victoria Nunavut.' (Submitted by Victoria Way van Piggelen)

Nunavut — a territory in Canada — is listed on Way-van Piggelen's driver's licence which was submitted along with her marriage licence to make the change, but it's nowhere near her actual last name, she said.

"Well I hear that there is some pageant going on looking for Miss Nunavut, so I guess here I am," said Way-van Piggelen.

She's not sure how the error happened, but guessed someone was just not paying enough attention.

"I went into the branch ... They didn't see how it was really a mistake until I showed them my identification and they were like 'oh that's not your name at all.'"

TD bank said it's working on fixing the error, and Victoria Nunavut will not be keeping her "pageant" name.

The error was already fixed on Way-van Piggelen's bank accounts and the bank will send her a new card. 

In the meantime, the newlyweds are enjoying a chuckle.

Way-van Piggelen has lived in Nunavut for six years, but said she's not ready to take it on as a last name.

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