Underwater search for Mountie ends

RCMP divers have finished an unsuccessful underwater search for Const. Michael Potvin near Mayo, Yukon.

Boat capsized on Stewart River

RCMP divers have finished an unsuccessful underwater search for Const. Michael Potvin near Mayo, Yukon.

The search for the 26-year-old RCMP officer is moving down the Stewart River, looking both in the water and on the river banks.

"Even though the divers have completed their search of the probable location, the focus of the search will now transition to areas downstream using boats and aircraft patrols," Cpl. Cam Lockwood said in a news release.

Potvin was operating an aluminum RCMP boat with another officer last Tuesday evening when it capsized. Potvin tried to swim and got near the shore before he disappeared in the river. The other officer, who stayed with the overturned boat, was rescued by civilians.

The boat took on water and capsized while the two officers were taking it out for the first time this season as part of maintenance work.

Potvin wasn't wearing a life-jacket, police said, though there were life-jackets on the boat.

An RCMP dive team from B.C. started searching the bottom of the Stewart River on Wednesday.

Members of Potvin's family are now in Mayo and are assisting with the search.