Justin Trudeau to visit Iqaluit on campaign trail

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will make a campaign stop in Iqaluit, Nunavut's Liberal candidate has confirmed.

Liberal leader is expected to visit Nunavut's capital for the second time this year

Justin Trudeau arrives in Iqaluit in January, wearing a parka hand-made by Marlene Watson of Iqaluit. He is expected to re-visit Nunavut's capital, this time as part of the federal election campaign. (Shaun Malley/CBC)

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will be making a campaign stop in Iqaluit, Nunavut's Liberal candidate confirmed.

Dates and details of the trip are still being worked out. It will be Trudeau's second visit to Nunavut's capital this year.

"As soon as we get confirmation of exactly when he'll be coming, we'll let you know," Nunavut Liberal candidate Hunter Tootoo said. "He'll be coming up here in campaign mode."

A community feast complete with caribou meat and frozen Arctic char highlighted Trudeau's visit in January, which Trudeau said was all about bringing attention to Northern people.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper made a brief campaign stop in Iqaluit in August, holding an event behind closed doors with a group of handpicked supporters.

Tootoo took a jab at Harper's visit, saying Trudeau's will be open to the public.

"It won't be held behind monster trucks and it will be open for anyone to come and attend," Tootoo said.


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