Travellers still stranded in Yukon after weekend floods

About 100 stranded travellers are waiting it out at the Rancheria Highway lodge after a washout on Friday closed access to the highway nearby.

Officials still expect the Alaska Highway to open Monday night

Trucks along the highway near Teslin, Yukon. They haven't been able to get through on roads because of flooding and mudslides. (Kate Kyle/CBC)

About 100 stranded travellers in the aftermath of floods are waiting it out at the Rancheria Lodge after a washout closed the Alaska Highway on Thursday.

The truck stop is located on the highway west of the community of Watson Lake.

Lodge owner Dennis Bouchard said people are fine but they are anxious to move on.

"We have people here that are stranded and we don't know when the road is going to open.  We have a food truck that is sitting here stranded and they opened up and gave us some food.  Everyone is being well fed here there's no problems there. They are just antsy to get going," said Bouchard.

Bouchard said people are crowding into the cafe, playing cards and going for long walks by the river as they wait for word on when they can resume their travels.   

Road expected to open Monday night

A number of service stations in Whitehorse say they have enough gas to last until fuel trucks arrive from the south. They expect the trucks to start arriving Monday night.

Jennifer Moorlag was filling up at Integra Tire this morning in Whitehorse. She said she is glad to hear the Alaska Highway may reopen today.

"I think I've tried to stay as sane and moderated as possible. I didn't go running to the grocery store. It's funny because we had a barbecue on yesterday and I had said to my mum, 'we're going to buy just this much because we're only having the same amount of food we had at a normal barbecue, we're not going to take that from someone else who might need it as well,'" she said.

Some stations in Whitehorse have run out of gas or expect to run out Monday.

There is still gas in communities such as Haines Junction, Dawson City and Carmacks.