Transgender author claims Yukon school cancelled presentation

A Yukon author is criticizing the actions of staff at École Émilie-Tremblay after she says she was barred from speaking to the students due to her sex change.

Author, who is undergoing sex change, is a former teacher at École Émilie-Tremblay

A Yukon author is criticizing the actions of staff at École Émilie-Tremblay.

Genevieve Labelle used to teach at the Whitehorse elementary school and was known as Mr. Guillaume. She is undergoing a sex change in Montreal. 

Last week, Labelle was scheduled to return to a book fair at the school to talk about her new publication. The colouring book is called One of a Kind, and depicts children in unconventional roles. Some show boys dressed in dresses, others show girls playing with toy dump trucks.

Labelle said the school cancelled her presentation when they found out about her sex change.

Genevieve Labelle used to teach at École Émilie-Tremblay, where she was known as Mr. Guillaume. (CBC)

"They were a bit scared the students, the kids, wouldn't understand or it would create drama, it would create a clash. So they didn't let me speak to the kids," said Labelle.

Principal Mark Muckler said the school did not prevent Labelle from speaking to students. He said educators have a responsibility to teach children about differences in society.

"If there's any children or any student that would question himself about sexual orientation, I think we need somebody in the school to give service to this child if he needs some,’ said Muckler.

Labelle said she is not sure if she will file a complaint with the Yukon Human Rights Commission.