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Substitute teachers can now join Yukon union

A new deal between the teachers' union and the territorial government also includes pay raises and a commitment to prioritize hiring Yukon First Nations teachers.

Truck driver charged after hitting school bus on Alaska Highway

The truck failed to stop as the school bus waited to pick up a child just south of Whitehorse, RCMP say. The truck clipped the bus, causing minor damage.

Victory for Teslin Tlingit Council in funding dispute with feds

The Yukon Supreme Court ruled that the federal government has failed to negotiate an adequate funding agreement with the First Nation.

Plenty of interest in Yukon Arctic Ultra race despite last year's injuries

The Yukon Arctic Ultra is seeing plenty of interest this year, despite two athletes losing limbs from it last year.

Attention bad drivers: Whitehorse police are coming for you

'It wouldn’t be very hard to constantly be writing tickets, for failing to yield, driving too fast for the road conditions, and this sort of thing,' said Yukon RCMP Insp. Keith MacKinnon.

Dawson City's sewage plant has got to go, Yukon gov't says

The 6-year-old facility has been a persistent and expensive headache for the government. 'We now project that by 2026, that the plant will no longer be viable,' says minister John Streicker.

'I was thinking, 'this is it'': Whitehorse woman recalls harrowing highway crash

Megan Breen was waiting to turn off the Alaska Highway on Friday when she was rear-ended and shoved into the path of an oncoming truck.

Yukon's fine arts school needs more students

There are currently eight full-time students enrolled at the school in Dawson City, and officials hope to bring in at least 15 full-time students next year.

Strike by Yukon counsellors taking toll on mental health, clients say

Workers at Many Rivers Counselling and Support Services walked off the job on Nov. 2. 'It has been difficult, to say the least,' said one client, who sees a counsellor for help with depression.

Winter race gets Yukon dog owners off the couch and on a kicksled

Sled dogs move aside! Pet dogs got their gear on at the annual Carbon Hill race over the weekend.

Private retailers can apply this spring to sell pot in Yukon

​Long-awaited rules on private cannabis sales were presented by the Yukon government Monday.

Driver dead after truck crashes into Kitchener LCBO, police say

A 40 year-old man is dead after the truck he was driving crashed into an LCBO at the Alpine Centre plaza in Kitchener on Friday.

Canada, First Nations express concern over U.S. Arctic drilling plans

The Canadian government, two territories and several First Nations are expressing concerns to the United States over plans to open the calving grounds of a large cross-border caribou herd to energy drilling, despite international agreements to protect it.

'The commitment is worth it': Yukon volunteer firefighters practice battling flames

An old barn in Mount Lorne, Yukon, was set on fire intentionally on Saturday — just for 25 eager volunteer firefighters to extinguish.

Your North: Best reader photos for weeks of Dec. 31, Jan. 7

With a new year comes new photos, and the first batch of your best Northern user-submitted shots of 2019 do not disappoint.

Feminist and family man: Book shines new light on legendary Mountie Sam Steele

He's the very image of a sober, stern and incorruptible Mountie on the frontier— and according to his biographer, the legendary Sam Steele was the real deal.

Hungry for knowledge: Whitehorse cooking school attracting new chefs

This January, Cat McInroy fulfilled a dream by opening the Well Bread Culinary Institute in Whitehorse. She's offering evening cooking classes and the interest is astounding her.

From waistlines to wallets, northerners share why they participate in dry January

Several northerners have challenged themselves to do a dry January. They say abstaining from alcohol for 31 days can have many benefits, along with some challenges.

Circus on wheels may soon roll into a town near you

Yukon clown Claire Ness’s travelling circus dreams are being built one bolt at a time.

Carcross RCMP rescue snowmobilers after icy plunge through lake

Two men whose snowmobiles fell through the ice near Carcross, Yukon, are safe after a daring lake rescue by RCMP officers, according to a release issued Friday afternoon.

First Nations work together to monitor caribou, with camera traps, GPS and traditional knowledge

Six self-governing Yukon First Nations are collaborating with the Yukon government to train land guardians to monitor the Southern Lakes herd.

Freeze already! Hopes sinking for Dawson City ice bridge, despite cold snap

The territorial government is spending $200,000 this winter, to try to force-freeze a stretch of open water on the Yukon River. 'Skepticism is reasonable,' said a government spokesperson.

Yukon gov't setting up water treatment for Wolverine Mine, despite not talking to new owner

The government wants to discuss water treatment and other environmental issues at the shutdown Wolverine Mine with the new owners.

'Humbled beyond words,' Dana Tizya-Tramm becomes chief of Vuntut Gwitchin

An emotional swearing-in ceremony in Old Crow, Yukon, on Friday put the focus on youth in the community.

B.C. RCMP boss retiring to take top police services job with province

B.C.'s RCMP chief is leaving after less than two years to take up a senior job with the provincial government where she will oversee all police services.

Whitehorse to post emergency plan following power outage in frigid weather

'We've identified that there is a need for that communication piece,' said city fire chief Mike Dine after a power outage on Tuesday left thousands in the dark at –35 C.

Wolves are preying on dogs in Old Crow

According to a game guardian with the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, wolves have killed 'about 10 or so' dogs in town in recent weeks.

City scrambling after oversight leads to water pressure problems in Whitehorse

A rushed upgrade to a water pump station will cost the city 80 per cent more than originally budgeted.

Calgary climber summits tallest peak on every continent

Only a few hundred people on the planet have scaled the highest summit on each of the seven continents, and Calgary's Laval St. Germain has just joined their ranks.

'They're so happy': Yukon businesses say tourism is up

'It just goes from summer into fall and into winter,' says tour operator.

Survey shows many in Whitehorse unhappy with downtown parking

The city will use survey results to plan the future of parking in downtown Whitehorse.

Power fully restored in Whitehorse area after 9-hour outage on –35 C day

Crews had hoped to have everybody back online by 9:30 a.m. local time.

Belly rubs and muzzle nuzzles galore: Volunteer dogs visit Whitehorse seniors

Dogs that pass a screening test to prove they are calm and gentle can become volunteers.

Carcross/Tagish chief could lose job over sexual harassment complaint

CBC has obtained documents that say Chief Andy Carvill has been accused of making an 'inappropriate comment' to a First Nation staff member. His fate as chief will be determined at a meeting later this month.

Driver examiners could walk off job this week if government doesn't pay up

Albertans seeking a driver's licence could be out of luck come Thursday if the government doesn't bow to the demands of examiners in the province who say they're ready to walk off the job.

Yukon kennel owner's troubles overshadow bigger issue: all those unwanted dogs

Lori Fox writes that the focus on Shelley Cuthbert’s court battles in Yukon have overshadowed the more meaningful question of what animal control and neglect issues signify within a community.

Insurer battles payout over diamond-encrusted gold eagle stolen in mugging

Lloyd's Underwriters is fighting a default judgment ordering the insurer to pay an Abbotsford, B.C., treasure hunter for the loss of a diamond-encrusted golden eagle reportedly stolen in a brazen mugging.

Sorry, bunny-lovers: snowshoe hares eat meat — including other hares

Snowshoe hares eat meat, and they don't seem that picky about what kind it is, according to a paper published in the winter issue of Northwestern Naturalist.

How a theoretical physicist is helping scientists understand how glaciers flow

While glaciers have been retreating or melting since the early 20th century, little is understood about exactly how large ice masses flow when in contact with bedrock.

Yukon Supreme Court Justice Leigh Gower remembered at Whitehorse memorial

During Saturday's memorial service for Yukon Supreme Court Justice Leigh Gower, family and friends repeatedly painted a picture that behind his reserved, disciplined appearance was a deeply spiritual and loving man.

Yukon judo champion commutes 7 hours to run club in Carmacks

Bianca Ockedahl a professional judo athlete is sharing her love of the sport with kids in Yukon communities.

Yukon hits national record-low annual unemployment rate

Yukon has hit an all-time low annual unemployment rate, not only in the territory, but in Canada.

Indigenous-run Skookum Jim Friendship Centre to take over Yukon youth support services

The Yukon government has reached an agreement to provide youth access to some services in the territory through the Indigenous-run Skookum Jim Friendship Centre, preparing for the closure of the territory's support office in February.

Youth group gets funding to continue building Whitehorse's 'Dream Trail'

'Whether for running 10 kilometres in the morning, or mountain biking, it'll be an epic trail and Whitehorse's, probably, 'crown' when it's finished,' said Rob Horne of the Youth Achievement Centre.

Whitehorse man behind safe ride home initiative charged with harassment, uttering death threats

Daniel MacKenzie was granted bail in Yukon Territorial Court on Thursday, after being in custody since his arrest over the weekend.

Magpies love Yellowknife, reveals Christmas bird count

Bird enthusiasts spotted a record-breaking number of magpies, according to the count’s compiler, Bob Bromley, who said the previous record was 80.

Mild weather slows efforts to build ice bridge in Dawson City

'There's a lot of things beyond our control, and the biggest one is the temperature — both air temperature and water temperature,' said Brian Crist of Yukon's department of Highways and Public Works.

Yukon's Muslim community grows into its new mosque

Yukon's first mosque brings together Muslims, and will soon serve as a gathering place for the entire community

Jobs uncertain for Whitehorse shelter workers

About 45 staff at the Salvation Army's Centre of Hope in Whitehorse are still waiting for news about their jobs, as the Yukon government prepares to take over management of the facility later this month.

Whitehorse RCMP looking for man after break-in, attempted assault of woman

According to a news release, the suspect was wearing dark pants, a baseball hat and a red and black plaid jacket. He is described as being of First Nations descent, with dark hair and dark eyes.

Whitehorse testing for fentanyl in street drugs gradually gains ground

The harm reduction service at Blood Ties, Four Directions began testing drugs for fentanyl contamination in July.

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There are events planned in Whitehorse, Iqaluit, Yellowknife and Hay River.

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Haines Junction newsletter still going strong after 41 years

At a time when many community newspapers are moving online, the St. Elias Echo is from another time. It's published once a month, photocopied at the village office and sold for 50 cents.

1 person killed in house fire near Haines Junction, Yukon

The cause of the Boxing Day fire is still under investigation but is not considered suspicious, RCMP say.

Yukon's Shakat Journal sets up business side to fund expansion

The Youth of Today Society has set up Shakat Media as a business to market the skills the Journal's contributors are developing.

Canada pledges to review border policy regarding Indigenous nations

Marc Miller, parliamentary secretary for Crown-Indigenous Relations, is pledging consultations on change, saying the U.S./Canada border has had the effect of 'impeding on cultural and traditional activities, which include hunting, cultural exchanges and simple mobilty.'

Sask. cannabis sales lag behind rest of the country

Saskatchewan's cannabis sales lagged far behind the rest of the country in the first two weeks of legalization, according to a report issued by Statistics Canada earlier this month.

80% of mountain glaciers in Alberta, B.C. and Yukon will disappear within 50 years: report

The mountains of Western Canada are one of the hotspots for warming and the magnitude of change in glaciers is dramatic, researchers say.

Yukon history buffs, meet your new favourite Facebook page

A local historian and creator of a popular Facebook page in Yukon says the site has become a place Yukoners turn to for information about their shared history.

Travelling school photographer 'brought to tears' watching northern kids grow up

Yearly school portraits bring together southern photographers like Katelyn Krueger and children in the North.

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Advisory warns of heightened avalanche risk in backcountry

'We're definitely in a period of rising danger right now,' said Ben Horowitz, with the Yukon Avalanche Association

Worries and questions as Whitehorse shelter prepares for change

Clients at the Salvation Army Centre of Hope in Whitehorse want to know how things will change next month when the Yukon government takes ownership and management of the shelter. Some clients are adamant in defending current staff, who may be replaced.

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Trudeau's Senate rep takes issue with Scheer's plans for the Red Chamber

The Liberal government's representative in the upper house is warning the election of Andrew Scheer as prime minister would risk returning the Senate to a body dominated by "a practice of partisanship that has not served Canada well." Peter Harder is pushing to cement the status of Trudeau-appointed Independents should the Conservatives win the next election.

Yukon teen may be off the ice, but he's still on the team

'In my life, I've never given up,' says 15-year-old Lucas Yuill, who was born with cerebral palsy. That attitude — and his passion for hockey — earned him a spot on a Whitehorse Pee Wee team.

Here's a long list of health privacy breaches in the N.W.T.

Here's our comprehensive list of health privacy breaches in the Northwest Territories since 2010.

Vuntut Gwitchin fear for the future in the face of oil and gas development

'I catch myself wondering at times if it is responsible to even have children with the future that they're facing,' said Dana Tizya-Tramm, chief elect for the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation.

Body found in Whitehorse's Rotary Park deemed 'not suspicious'

Police said Friday morning that a person was found dead at the downtown park.

Whitehorse Centre of Hope to become government facility

Citing 'feedback from the community,' the Yukon Government is taking control of operations at the Whitehorse Centre of Hope.

Bear sightings later into winter season could be the new norm, says expert

'Bears may still be finding enough food on the land and feeding on some of these things,' said conservation officer Aaron Koss-Young.

Yukon gov't social workers set up shop at Kwanlin Dun First Nation

'Easier access is probably the key priority to this initiative,' said Gary Rusnak, the First Nation's director of justice.

Skagway mayor killed by bus in Washington D.C.

Mayor Monica Carlson, 61, and her 85-year-old mother died after being hit in a crosswalk in the U.S. capital.

Proposed regulations appear unfair to airlines, says Air North president

Joe Sparling, president of Yukon airline Air North, said the regulations appear to relieve airports of much of the responsibility for common problems that arise during air travel.

Aerial survey shows Kluane moose population increasing, but calf numbers low

A recent aerial survey shows that moose populations are increasing in Kluane National Park, but something isn't quite right — there aren't many calves.

Relocating bears won't fix growing conflicts with humans, say environment officials

2018 was the busiest season on record for human/bear conflicts in Yukon. Officials say relocating bears isn't a solution, and people have to do more to avoid attracting bears.

Yukon skier Natalie Hynes headed to world championships in Finland

'I definitely wasn't expecting it. I mean, you always kind of hope,' Hynes said after being named to Canada's under-23 team.

2 dead after collision on North Klondike Highway

Two men, ages 52 and 81, were killed Tuesday evening when their vehicles collided on the highway near the Lake Laberge campground.

$600M class-action lawsuit claims police mistreatment in N.W.T., Yukon and Nunavut

A youth in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., launched the lawsuit after he says he was assaulted and subjected to racial slurs after he was arrested at the age of 15.

Yukon's massive Casino mine project pushed back a year

'If it takes us a little extra time to get it done right, we'll take that time,' said Paul West-Sells, CEO of Western Copper and Gold.

CO2 may rob salmon of their sense of smell, new study says

Salmon rely on their sense of smell to detect predators find food, and make their way back to their spawning grounds. Rising carbon dioxide levels in the ocean can impact their ability to smell, putting them at risk.

No end in sight for Yukon strike after almost 50 days on picket line

Unionized employees at Many Rivers Counselling who began strike on Nov. 2 say management's negotiator won't budge on reasonable contract demands.

Yukon, federal gov'ts put $945K toward substance abuse treatment

The money is meant to address the territory's growing problem with opioids. There have been 18 confirmed opioid-related deaths in Yukon since 2016.

Yukon gov't overstepped in collecting patient information, says privacy commissioner

Yukon's top privacy watchdog issued two recommendations after discovering government health services were collecting more patient information than necessary, and failing to meet information security requirements.

Yukon woman wants your selfies — with a naloxone kit

'If everybody has a kit, or as many people as possible have a kit, then people who really need the kits won't be afraid to go and get trained and get one,' says Angie Charlebois.

Santa goes to the dogs at charity photo shoot in Whitehorse

This weekend in Whitehorse, pet owners brought their furry friends to see Kris Kringle for a photo op at Three Bears Creative Studio.

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40 years later, how the 1978 election shaped Yukon party politics

The 1978 territorial election was the first to have candidates with official party affiliations. 'They were looking toward provincehood, and there was a sense that if you want to become a province, you have to look and act like a province.'

No, Yukon does not have a 'grizzly bear plague,' experts say

After a fatal bear attack in Yukon last month, some people went online to say it's time to relax bear hunting regulations. But bear experts call that ridiculous.

Trudeau to make it harder for future PM to reverse Senate reforms

​Justin Trudeau says his government hopes to make legal changes that will cement his transformation of the Senate into a more independent, non-partisan chamber, making it harder for a future prime minister to turn back the clock.

A lump of code: Yukon's Share the Spirit campaign gets some high-tech help

'You are not going to be on the delivery day realizing you are short presents, or that you don't know where someone is, or that someone is in the system twice.'

Yukon residents want action against the opioid crisis

The 'together we can save lives' vigil gathered about 100 people outside the Elijah Smith Building in downtown Whitehorse on Thursday night.

In 'strategic move,' Yukon's Kluane Freight Lines joins with major transport company

Starting this week, a trucking company owned by the Dawson City based Tr'ondek Hwech'in First Nation is in a joint venture with the Manitoulin Group of Companies.

Mercury from thawing permafrost ending up in Arctic waterways, study finds

As permafrost in the North thaws, it’s releasing record levels of mercury into Arctic rivers and waterways, graduate students at the University of Alberta have found.

Yukon Indigenous tourism should grow responsibly, say advocates

'We want to ensure tourism is something that happens with Yukon First Nations, not to them,' said one delegate at an Indigenous tourism conference in Carcross this week.

New N.W.T. senator wants to be a voice for people of the territory

'I was very humbled and honoured to be selected for the Senate appointment,' says Margaret Dawn Anderson. The prime minister appointed four new senators on Wednesday.