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'This isn't about me:' Rookie Nunavut MP wants focus on problems of the North

Mumilaaq Qaqqaq said she plans to be a strong Arctic voice in Ottawa.

Nunavut's Health Department pushes home billets to curb overcrowding at boarding home

Nunavut’s health minister is encouraging medical travel patients to organize stays with family and friends to ease stress on Iqaluit's overcrowded boarding home, but one MLA says payment times for billets are lagging.

Canada's North should have played a bigger role in the federal election

Canada’s North — Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut — should have played a bigger role in this election.

27 candidates vie for spots on Iqaluit city council

On Monday, Iqalummiut will vote to select eight city councillors from among the 27 candidates running.

Climate change has turned permafrost into a carbon emitter

Research has found Arctic soil has warmed to the point where it releases more carbon in winter than northern plants can absorb during the summer.

Online cannabis sales won't 'dent' Nunavut's illicit cannabis market, minister says

The Nunavut government says it can't undercut black market cannabis sales without a physical retail store.
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Federal election 2019 live

Watch live and get analysis from our reporters across the country as the votes come in on election night.

What Albertans can expect now with Liberals re-elected but as minority government

Albertans once again voted overwhelmingly for the Conservatives in Monday's federal election — all but ensuring they won't be front of mind for the new minority Liberal government. 

NDP's Mumilaaq Qaqqaq, 25, is Nunavut's next MP

Mumilaaq Qaqqaq was the youngest candidate running in the territories. Early Tuesday morning, she became one of the youngest MPs-elect in the country.

Addiction treatment centre opens in Ottawa for Ontario Inuit only

The government of Nunavut is working to create a contract so Inuit from Nunavut can access services at Mamisarvik, the only Inuit-specific addiction treatment centre in Canada.

Nunavummiut call for Inuktitut on federal election ballots

According to a spokesperson for Elections Canada, provisions outlined in the Canada Elections Act stipulates how the ballot should be presented and Inuktitut is not included.

NDP's Jack Harris wins St. John's East, as Liberal incumbents take other 6 N.L. seats

St. John's East was Newfoundland and Labrador's race to watch in this federal election, and it went orange as the sole seat that didn't go to a Liberal incumbent.

A look at Nunavut's federal candidates before election day

Four candidates are vying to be Nunavut's next representative in Parliament. Catch up on the candidates' background and policy positions before election day Oct. 21.

OPINION | It's been 49 years since the voting age was lowered. It's time to do it again

During the election campaign, several people have floated the idea of lowering the voting age. With over 40 per cent of the territory under the age of 19, the idea may be more transformative in Nunavut than anywhere else.

Nunavut and health: A federal election explainer

Health care is mainly a territorial responsibility, but nearly all the funding for health care programming in Nunavut comes from the federal government. 

Indigenous communities face 'abhorrent' housing conditions, UN report finds

The United Nations' special rapporteur on adequate housing presented a new report to the General Assembly Friday highlighting the struggle of Indigenous communities around the world in attaining safe and secure housing.

New fee for Nunavut tourists intended to benefit Inuit

Half the money from a new fee will go to administer the fee program, half will go to local communities.

Number of federal LGBTQ candidates in parts of Canada shows still 'a lot of work to do,' candidates say

The majority of LGBTQ candidates running this federal election are based in Ontario, B.C. and Quebec, while the East Coast, North and Prairies lag behind.

Importing modular homes wouldn't help employ Inuit, minister says

The Nunavut government won’t be importing homes from outside of the country any time soon, Minister of Community and Government Services Lorne Kusugak said in the Legislative Assembly Thursday. 

Several Nunavut communities short municipal candidates

Cape Dorset, Nunavut, doesn’t have anyone running for mayor and many other communities are short candidates for council. Ten communities have fewer than eight members acclaimed to council.

Inuit artists call Elizabeth May 'hypocritical' for touting Indigenous rights but opposing seal hunt

Green Party leader Elizabeth May is being called out by Inuk musician Tanya Tagaq and Inuk filmmaker Alethea Arnaquq-Baril for opposing the commercial seal trade as seal product bans affect Inuit livelihoods.  

Métis land claim could spark 'reset' in relations between Indigenous people and government, says prof

University of Saskatchewan professor Ken Coates hopes this week's massive Métis land claim will spark a change in the relationship between governments and Indigenous people.

Catch up on CBC Nunavut's federal candidates forum

Three of the four candidates running to become Nunavut’s next member of Parliament took part in an election forum Thursday night in Iqaluit.

OPINION | Inuit need a federal government willing to work with us

As election day approaches, the Qikiqtani Inuit Association wants Canadians to elect a government that will continue to work with Inuit in the spirit of reconciliation, writes its president P.J. Akeeagok.

Nunavut RCMP investigate fatal accident in Rankin Inlet

Rankin Inlet RCMP say four youth, including a 13-year-old driver, were involved in the accident Tuesday evening.

'Nothing short of disappointing': North a low priority in federal election

People in the North struggle with the high cost of living, an unpredictable climate, chronic housing shortages and the lingering problems caused by residential schools. But during the campaign, national leaders haven't focused extensively on the North’s problems and how to solve them.

Nunavut Liberal candidate pledges aid for elders, children, hunters

Megan Pizzo-Lyall is on the campaign trail as Nunavut’s Liberal Party candidate.

2 candidates face off in Iqaluit mayoral race

Residents of Iqaluit will have to choose between two mayoral candidates when they vote in the municipal election at the end of the month. Noah Papatsie and Kenneth Bell are competing for the mayoral seat that has been held by Madeleine Redfern since 2015. 

ᐅᖃᐅᓯᕐᒥᑦ ᐸᐸᑦᓯᔩᑦ: ᐱᕙᓪᓕᐊᔪᓕᕆᔨ ᐊᑐᖃᑦᑕᕐᑐᖅ ᓈᓚᐅᑎᓂᒃ "ᐳᓛᕐᓂᖃᕐᓱᓂ" ᓄᓇᕗᒥᐅᓂᒃ ᐊᖏᕐᕋᖏᓐᓂ

ᓯᐅᓪᒪ ᐃᐊᑯᓪᔅ ᒫᓐᓇ ᐱᕙᓪᓕᐊᔪᓕᕆᔨᐅᔪᖅ ᑐᓵᔭᒃᓴᒃᑯᓐᓄᑦ, ᓰᐱᓰ ᐅᑭᐅᖅᑕᖅᑐᒥ ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ ᐅᓐᓄᓴᒃᑯᑦ ᐅᖃᓕᒫᖅᑎᐅᕙᒃᓱᓂ ᑲᖏᖅᖠᓂᕐᒥ, ᓄᓇᕗᒥ.

Keepers of the Language: Journalist uses radio to 'visit' Nunavummiut in their homes

Selma Eccles, a CBC radio journalist in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, turns on her mic every weekday afternoon for her mother.

Exhibit reunites Inuit with 100-year-old artifacts in Cambridge Bay

The Kitikmeot Heritage Society has unveiled nine new artifacts at its museum in Cambridge Bay. Nunavut, giving more insight as to how Inuit in the region lived more than 100 years ago.

'Her face lit up': Ontario musician shares sign language in Nunavut

For around half an hour this summer, Gjoa Haven’s Martha Takkiruq didn’t have to work to express herself to a stranger. That’s when, in late August, an Ontario country musician knocked on her door, and said hello in sign language.  

Nunavut's Liberal candidate gets boost from Carolyn Bennett

Carolyn Bennett, Liberal government cabinet minister, and Nunavut Liberal Party candidate Megan Pizzo-Lyall were in Iqaluit to knock on doors, meet with community groups, and make announcements to highlight aspects of Liberal platform.

Medical boarding homes 'over capacity' in Yellowknife and Edmonton

Medical boarding homes in Yellowknife and Edmonton are operating at over capacity with people staying in hotels to meet the growing demand for accommodations.

Nunavut and housing: A federal election explainer

Housing is high on the platform lists of all of Nunavut’s federal election candidates. But Nunavut officials say they have yet to see a plan that will curb a territory wide housing crisis.

'It's like whack-a-mole': How cities are grappling with unsafe rooming houses

There have been at least 532 rooming house fires across Canada leading to 47 deaths in the past five years, and communities grappling with the problem of unsafe dwellings are being forced to get creative.

Resolute Bay man charged with 18 gun-related crimes after shots fired

A 35-year-old man in Resolute Bay, Nunavut, has been charged with 18 gun-related crimes after RCMP responded to an incident on Oct. 6, around 11:30 a.m.

OPINION | How one Dene northerner is deciding how to vote

Catherine Lafferty breaks down her views on the major parties' platforms when it comes to Indigenous issues.

Nunavut sex offender wins appeal, overturning banishment from his community

A Nunavut man convicted of sexual assault and breaking and entering is no longer going to be banished by the court from his home community. 

Indigenous issues refusing to be ignored this election

More than half of Canada's Indigenous population of more than 1.6 million now lives in urban centres, including more than 42,000 in Ottawa — and more than ever before, they're voting.

High res video in the High Arctic? Unlimited internet could be coming north

If an application by Northwestel is successful, residents in the North could soon have the option for unlimited internet. The company has submitted an application to the Canadian-Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission's $750 million Broadband Fund.

9 Indigenous entrepreneurs selected for support by EntrepreNorth

EntrepreNorth has nine months of mentorship and coaching to expand their businesses and bring new ones to life.

In Iqaluit, Trudeau announces plans to take Arctic communities off diesel but offers few details

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau arrived in Iqaluit Tuesday morning before noon local time, marking the first appearance of a federal leader in the territories during the 2019 election campaign.

Polar bears, icebergs and a galley for one: One Australian's northwest passage

Australian Ross Davey sailed the Northwest Passage at a bargain price, and found plenty of adventure along the way.

Federal N.W.T. candidates spar over environment, economy

In two debates for federal candidates this week, the environment was a hot topic

Man charged following armed standoff in Iqaluit

Oolayou Shoo, 24, has been arrested and charged following an armed standoff in Iqaluit Wednesday.

Nunavut and climate change: A federal election explainer

Nunavut is feeling the effects of climate change more than the rest of Canada, and all four candidates in the upcoming federal election are talking about the issue. 

Western Canadian musicians flood Whitehorse for BreakOut West

BreakOut West puts on a mix of live music events for the public and professional development opportunities and panels for those in the music industry. It takes place Oct. 2 to 6.

Iqaluit RCMP say incident involving 'potential armed and barricaded subject' over

Iqaluit RCMP say a situation in the area of 200 block housing in lower Iqaluit has been resolved safely, with one person in custody.

Gordon Choice diced chicken recalled due to contamination concerns

Gordon Choice diced chicken products sold in western Canada are being recalled by the processor due to listeria contamination concerns, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency announced on Wednesday.

Poor school attendance 'baked into system,' Nunavut standing committee hears

It's been four months since the office of the Auditor General of Canada tabled its review of Nunavut's high school and adult education in the territory's Legislative Assembly. Nunavut MLA are asking what's been done since then.

Iqaluit's Uquutaq men's shelter gets $6.7M to expand, offer programming

The chair of Iqaluit's Uquutaq Society is hoping a new infusion of cash could "fundamentally change" how homelessness is dealt with in Nunavut.

Nunavut man gets 4½ years for unprovoked violent attacks in Yellowknife

Jordan Charlie, 19, was given a 4½-year sentence after pleading guilty in a Yellowknife courtroom to aggravated assault, robbery, and assaulting a peace officer.

Prisoners at Iqaluit jail say they're being unfairly punished through 'kangaroo court'

Prisoners at Nunavut’s biggest jail say they’re being unfairly punished for breaking jail rules by an internal court that doesn’t allow them to defend themselves.

Iqaluit water reservoir is almost full, just in time for winter

City says it's ten days ahead of schedule and will stop pumping on Oct. 5 instead of Oct. 15.

Climate activists march for action across the North

Hundreds of northerners join climate activists across the country in national march.

RCMP charge Iqaluit man with child exploitation offences

Nunavut RCMP say an investigation that began on Sept. 23 has led to the arrest of Craig Dunphy, 55, of Iqaluit on child exploitation charges.

Pharmacy health files found at Rankin Inlet dump, says North West Company

Patients' health records were found in boxes at a landfill in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, in February, according to the North West Company.

Missing boy in Iqaluit found safe

Police asked the public to help locate the boy, who was last seen leaving his grandfather's home Wednesday night.

Kimmirut school principal runs for Green Party in upcoming election

Douglas Roy is the Green Party candidate for Nunavut in the upcoming federal election. Roy is a newcomer to the territory, having accepted the job of principal at Kimmirut’s Qaqqalik School. 

Iqaluit council votes to increase cab fares in city

Four councillors voted in favour of higher cab fares, two against. Those who voted against say Iqaluit’s most vulnerable rely on cabs as an essential service, and won’t be able to afford the extra dollar.

Northwestel connects all of Nunavut's 25 communities with Iqaluit-speed internet

Northwestel announced at the Nunavut Trade Show that all 25 of the territory’s communities are now connected with the same speed internet and mobile data as Iqaluit. 

CRTC asks Northwestel to detail service outages across the North

There have been 40 outages, including five deemed 'major,' in the North since July of last year, according to information Northwestel sent to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. 

Man charged after woman found dead in Iqaluit home

A man has been charged with second-degree murder following the death of a woman in Iqaluit on Sept. 20, according to an RCMP news release. 

A tale of two photographers who left N.L. and fell in love with the North

Andrew Bresnahan's and Frank Reardon's stories are different, but the love they share for Canada's North keeps them snapping pics in their new home.

Etulu Etidloie, celebrated Cape Dorset musician, dies

Etidloie was well-known across Baffin Island and in Nunavik for his songs, through which he shared personal memories.

Hybrid-powered electric cruise ship navigates Northwest Passage

A Norwegian company says it has navigated the first hybrid-powered cruise ship through the Northwest Passage using a combination of massive batteries and diesel engines.

N.W.T. youth have highest rate of hospitalization for substance abuse in country: study

Youth in the N.W.T. and Nunavut are more likely to be hospitalized from harm caused by substance use, and cannabis is the most likely substance to send youth to hospital across the country. 

Nunavut Appeal Court hears cases on mandatory minimums for gun crime

Two cases where Nunavut offenders were sentenced to less than the mandatory minimum jail time, so they could serve time in their home territory, are back before the courts.

Tiny misalignment of satellite dishes responsible for Iqaluit TV disruption

Channels should be back online by the end of September in Nunavut after a small misalignment of satellite dishes was discovered and fixed.

Nunavut Day could be territory's next stat holiday if new bill is passed

July 9 marks when Parliament passed the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act on that date in 1993.

New geological survey maps understudied part of N.W.T.

The N.W.T. Geological Survey released new data on Monday of a large swath of the Slave Geological Province, including an area known as the Point Lake greenstone belt. Point Lake is located about 300 kilometres north of Yellowknife, near the Nunavut border.  

'First time I've seen a shark': Nunavut man nets shark in rare catch

The catch is a first for John Kapakatoak of Kugluktuk, Nunavut. A marine biologist says it's likely a "lone straggler" salmon shark that travelled outside of its usual range.

'I wanted to see if I could do it': Nunavut adventurer runs 97-km Arctic route

Celine Jaccard says she's not a runner, but she ran the Akshayuk Pass in Nunavut in under 24 hours, relying on two pounds of potatoes to fuel the 97-kilometre run.

Nunavut's languages commissioner resigns due to health reasons

Helen Klengenberg was appointed in June 2017 to a five-year term after the Nunavut government launched a lengthy search.

'It seems as though I'm dreaming': David Qamaniq elected as MLA in Pond Inlet

David Qamaniq was elected in Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Monday to represent the Tununiq constituency in the territory's Legislative Assembly.

Missing Baker Lake man's body found after sonar search

Solomon Tulurialik, 29, was boating on Baker Lake on July 31 when he ran out of gas and attempted to swim to shore. He never made it.

Class action alleging discrimination by RCMP in North growing, says lawyer

There is steady interest in joining a $600-million class action lawsuit claiming RCMP discrimination against Indigenous people in the North, according to one of the lawyers who initiated the lawsuit.

'The back of my brain is sliding into my spine:' Kugluktuk woman desperate for help

Andrea Egotik has a structural abnormality that causes headaches and tremors. Egotik says she has been unable to get a referral to see a neurosurgeon or neurologist in the South. 

Keepers of the Language: Inuktitut helps host stay in touch with his roots

Qavavao Peter, host of CBC Nunavut's morning radio program Qulliq, is a man between two worlds.

ᐅᖃᐅᓯᕐᒥᑦ ᐸᐸᑦᓯᔩᑦ: ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ ᐅᖃᓕᒪᓂᖅ ᐃᑲᔫᑎᖃᕐᑐᖅ ᓈᓚᐅᑎᒃᑯᑦ ᐅᖃᖅᑎᒋᔭᐅᔪᒧᑦ ᑐᓐᖓᕕᒋᔪᓐᓇᕋᒥᐅᒃ

ᖃᕙᕙᐅᖅ ᐲᑕ ᓰᐱᓰᒃᑯᓐᓂ ᓄᓇᕗᒥ ᐅᓪᓛᒃᑯᑦ ᓈᓚᐅᓯᕆᕙᒃᑐᖅ ᖁᓪᓕᕐᒥᑦ, ᒪᕐᕈᐃᓕᖓᔪᒥᑦ ᐃᓅᓯᖃᕐᓱᓂ.

NDP pledge to put youth first with 25-year-old candidate in Nunavut

The New Democratic Party has announced Mumilaaq Qaqqaq will be its candidate in Nunavut in the upcoming federal election.

Nunavut's Conservative candidate launches campaign, pledges to kill carbon tax

Nunavut’s Conservative candidate Leona Aglukkaq announced her campaign promises at an event in Iqaluit Thursday night. At the top of the list? Scrapping the carbon tax.

Inuvialuit knowledge helps mariners choose wildlife-friendly routes in Western Arctic

Shipping through waters in the Western Arctic is expected to double over the next decade. The Inuvialuit Game Council and WWF-Canada want to make sure mariners can make smart choices when it comes to wildlife and harvesting areas.

Multi-million dollar national Inuit health survey to be led by Inuit, for Inuit

Much of the information currently used to guide Inuit health programs and policies is out of date, and the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami hopes to change that with an ambitious new project.

Ottawa's new Arctic policy has lofty goals, but few details on how to reach them, critics say

The federal government's new Arctic strategy lists health, infrastructure and economic development at the top, with calls to end poverty, eradicate hunger and eliminate homelessness, but it includes few details on how it plans to do all that.

Former officers call on RCMP top brass to do more to recruit, retain Inuit members

For the past 15 years, the number of Inuit RCMP in Nunavut has dwindled to two out of 131 officers, while the force has failed to recruit a single new Inuk member.

UK-based company hopes to offer 'fibre-like' internet through satellites to Arctic

A UK-based telecommunications company is targeting communities above the 60th parallel as the first to be brought online in its mission to create a global high-speed network.

New federal Arctic policy includes focus on health, environment, infrastructure

The lengthy document, released by the Department of Crown-Indigenous Relations, proposes eight priorities, with health, infrastructure and economic development at the top.

Nunavut government hopes to streamline cancer care in the territory

A new training program will make Nunavut doctors the main point of contact in an effort to streamline care for cancer patients who must travel south for treatment.

Boil water advisory issued for Arviat

The Hamlet of Arviat, Nunavut, is under a boil water advisory until further notice. Meanwhile, an extended boil water advisory for Whale Cove, Nunavut, has been lifted.
In Depth

In his own words: Bob McLeod reflects on time as N.W.T. premier

McLeod spoke with CBC News for a wide-ranging exit interview, reflecting about his time in politics, some of his achievements, and where he sees the future of the Northwest Territories.

'It's been getting to be too much': Rankin Inlet family seeks relief from overcrowded home

A family in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, is struggling with insufficient housing, despite being on the emergency wait list with the Nunavut Housing Corporation for nearly three years. 

Iqaluit struggling with data outages because it's raining, Northwestel says

Iqaluit has been experiencing periodic cellphone and internet outages over the last two weeks because it’s raining, Northwestel said. 

NDP has fewest nominated candidates of five parties in Sask.

With an election call around the corner, the Saskatchewan NDP trail four other parties in nominated candidates.

Iqaluit man charged after weekend standoff in Happy Valley neighbourhood

An Iqaluit man has been charged with several firearms offences after a standoff situation in the Happy Valley neighbourhood of Iqaluit. 

N.W.T. gov't sued over cancelled barge delivery

A Cambridge Bay developer is suing the Northwest Territories government for damages it says it suffered as a result of a cancelled barge delivery last year.

Sanikiluaq wins $5.5M to lay groundwork for protected area on Belcher Islands

The funding is to move forward the 'Qikiqtait' project that aims to create a 33,000-square-kilometres conservation area surrounding the archipelago where Arctic eider ducks make their home.

Construction company charged under safety act after explosion in Pond Inlet garage

A Tower Arctic employee suffered serious injuries while making cuts into the top of a metal barrel using a handheld grinder. Sparks from the grinder ignited chemical residue contained in the barrel, causing an explosion. 

Glacier-fed rivers in Nunavut are sucking carbon dioxide out of the air: study

Biologists from the University of Alberta studied the Lake Hazen watershed in Nunavut and found rivers with glacial meltwater are carbon sinks.