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Ottawa police release photo of parka to help find missing woman from Igloolik

Ottawa police have released a photo of Susan Kublu-Iqquittuq's parka in the hope that it might help locate the 37-year-old woman.

Former Nunavut nurse vows to go to court to protect his career

Willy Tchuilen Ngatcha was the subject of a weeklong hearing into allegations he lacks the competence to work at remote communities in the territory.

Baker Lake holds suicide prevention meetings, after 3 deaths in a month

Health Department officials arrived in Baker Lake Sunday and are staying until Wednesday. The meetings are set to develop priorities for moving forward following three suicides since late-December. They’ve met with local hamlet officials, RCMP, students, teachers, as well as men’s and women’s groups.

'Dark chapter in our history': federal gov't apologizes to Ahiarmiut for forced relocations

Seventy years after the federal government forcibly relocated Ahiarmuit away from their homeland, it’s apologizing to the 21 survivors and their families in Arviat, Nunavut, on Tuesday.

Amanda Jones takes over as head of RCMP in Nunavut

For the first time, a woman is in charge of the RCMP in Nunavut. Chief Superintendent Amanda Jones took over as commanding officer of the territory’s V Division on Monday.

Iqaluit non-profit wants $1.5M for community wellness hub

The wellness hub would be used to help facilitate Qaujigiartiit programming as well as expand the programs it offers, such as family drop-in programs, counselling services, and early-childhood education.

Petition to get suicide crisis declared in Nunavik surpasses 51,000 signatures

Long-time Inuit advocate Mary Simon has started a campaign to get the number of deaths by suicide in Nunavik recognized as a crisis by Canada and Quebec.

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'It's been too long': Kugluktuk's ice rink now open for action

The surface of the ice rink melted in December, delaying the hockey season, but it's time for people to lace up their skates again.

Nunavut's Quttinirpaaq National Park featured on new Canada Post stamp

A dramatic photo showcasing the park's ice-covered mountain tops is part of a collection of new stamps Canada Post released Jan 14.

Facebook apologizes for removing posts selling sealskin products — again

Facebook users in the North say they're frustrated the social media giant is removing posts selling sealskin products. Facebook said it's looking into the issue.

Where's all the snow? Not as much white stuff in Iqaluit this January

People around Iqaluit and hunters have noticed there isn't as much snow as usual for this time of year. Data from Environment Canada suggests they're right, and the reason is likely in the jet stream over Hudson Bay.

Nunavut's overall employment rate drops in 2018, along with Inuit employment

Nunavut's employment rate dropped from 55 per cent in 2017 to 54 per cent in 2018, according to Statistics Canada's most recent update.

Nunavut prepared for fentanyl, though confirmed cases of illegal use remain few

Fentanyl has made it to Nunavut, but officials say unlike the rest of Canada, it’s nowhere near a crisis.

Ottawa to apologize for forced relocation of Ahiarmiut in Nunavut

Later this month, the government will formally apologize for the forced removal of Ahiarmiut from their traditional homes. Carolyn Bennett, the federal minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations is travelling to Arviat, Nunavut, Jan. 22 to deliver the apology in person.

Nunavut government hopes for new bidders to drum up competition in airline market

The government of Nunavut is trying to drum up competition in the territory’s airline market as it looks for new bidders for its medical and work travel business.

Police still looking for missing Igloolik woman in Ottawa

The mother and daughter are originally from Igloolik, Nunavut, and were last seen on Friday. Ottawa Police Services are now looking to hear from Susan Kublu-Iqquittuq.

Inuit leaders hope progress is not lost in latest cabinet shuffle

Inuit leaders are reacting to a recent cabinet shuffle by the federal government, with the leader of an organization representing Inuit across Canada saying that the shifting of Indigenous portfolios within cabinet is "concerning."

'A warm place to stay': Iqaluit shelter allowing intoxicated people to stay the night

The Qajuqturvik Food Centre in Iqaluit is hosting a wet shelter at night that will let people in if they are intoxicated. It’s the only shelter in Nunavut that allows this, according to officials with the territory’s Department of Family Services.

Qulliq Energy Corp. wants a new $13M headquarters in Baker Lake

The largest building Qulliq Energy uses in Baker Lake is leased from the Nunavut government. That lease is set to expire at the end of August 2020, leaving 27 Qulliq Energy employees without a space to work.

Flu season, nurse shortage taking toll on 'exhausted' nurses in Arviat, says patient

Patients in Arviat, Nunavut, say nurses in the community are overworked and overwhelmed as they deal with a particularly brutal flu season in the midst of a nursing shortage.

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From waistlines to wallets, northerners share why they participate in dry January

Several northerners have challenged themselves to do a dry January. They say abstaining from alcohol for 31 days can have many benefits, along with some challenges.

U.S. university teaches students Inuktitut through funding prompted by Sputnik launch

At least a dozen students who have passed through the University of Washington in the last decade have some fluency in Inuktitut, thanks in part to investments in language education prompted by the launch of Sputnik.

50 people out of work at boarding home, lawyer believes Nunavut gov't played a part

The lawyer for the Pairijait Tigumivik Society, which ran Iqaluit’s medical boarding home until Thursday, says she believes the Government of Nunavut forced the end of the society’s contract, which put 50 Iqalummiut out of work.

Elders' society abruptly loses contract to staff Iqaluit's boarding home

The society was informed Thursday that its contract had been ended. Much of its staff stopped working and the society began removing its desks, computers and other equipment from the boarding home.

'It's a tough file': Nunavut's land use plan to get 4th draft

It will lay out what parts of the territory are open for exploration and resource development, what areas require some level of environmental protection, and what areas are completely off limits.

Community-wide TB screening clinic heads to Cape Dorset

The visit forms part of the federal government and Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami’s goal to eliminate tuberculosis in Inuit communities by 2030.

Iqaluit residential water rates set to triple by July 2021 as subsidy is rolled back

Iqaluit homeowners are going to be paying three times as much for water by July 2021, as city councillors voted to repeal a water subsidy over the next three years.

Nunavut bans texting and driving; no penalty introduced

Using the phone while driving is now against the law in Nunavut. The law came into effect last week; the territory was the last jurisdiction in Canada to allow texting and driving.

How a theoretical physicist is helping scientists understand how glaciers flow

While glaciers have been retreating or melting since the early 20th century, little is understood about exactly how large ice masses flow when in contact with bedrock.

Cambridge Bay exhibit to showcase the evolution of parkas

The Kitikmeot Heritage Society says the exhibit is about the evolution of parkas from pre-contact to today.

Employment training in Arviat to give youth tools for 'positive change'

A new training program called Hatuqiniq — the Inuktitut word meaning "taking back" — will launch in Arviat with the goal of getting more Nunavut youth in the workforce.

Nunavut family rattled after Air Canada flight forced to land due to burning smell

Former Nunavut MLA Steve Mapsalak and his family were on an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Winnipeg on Wednesday when a burning smell forced the plane turned back to Toronto to land.

From Nunavut to San Francisco: Cambridge Bay company puts Arctic char on your dinner plate

In a nondescript building in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Kitikmeot Foods processes Arctic char for markets near and far.

Northwestel asks feds to consider operating costs for infrastructure investments

The company's president said the federal government should consider northern operating costs when designing requirements for public-private partnerships to bring infrastructure to the North.

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CBC North's animal newsmakers of 2018

A beaver-lynx showdown, an albino seal, and a dog who hates music — critter stories are still one of the North's greatest natural resources.

Iqaluit woman reconnects with late father through stitching

An Iqaluit woman is reconnecting with her past by hand stitching traditional clothing.

Here's where you can watch New Year's Eve fireworks in the North

There are events planned in Whitehorse, Iqaluit, Yellowknife and Hay River.

10 viral vids (and 3 honourable mentions) that sum up the North in 2018

From miracle huskies to bowhead whale hunts, amazing moments on video tell the story of CBC North’s year in 2018.

For the 1st time, all Nunavut communities have cell service

All 25 of Nunavut’s communities have access to cell service for the first time, now that SSi Micro has completed rolling out retail service across the territory.

Does the wind chill have value? No, say some northerners

'Nothing rustles my jimmies more than wind chill,' said Wade Thoraug, a new transplant to Nunavut who describes himself as a defender of weather science.

This flipper belongs to a rare albino seal found in Nunavut

When Leopa Akpalialuk laid out his seal nets in a fjord outside of Pangnirtung, he wasn't expecting any surprises — but he got one.

Canada may be 'undermining' Nunavut Impact Review Board: WWF

The World Wildlife Fund is criticizing federal ministers for approving increases in iron production at the Mary River mine, even though Nunavut regulators denied Baffinland’s request.

Sask. cannabis sales lag behind rest of the country

Saskatchewan's cannabis sales lagged far behind the rest of the country in the first two weeks of legalization, according to a report issued by Statistics Canada earlier this month.

Latest Order of Canada announcement includes 1 northerner

Nunavut’s former premier Eva Aariak was named to the Order of Canada by Governor General Julie Payette on Thursday along with more than 100 others.

Travelling school photographer 'brought to tears' watching northern kids grow up

Yearly school portraits bring together southern photographers like Katelyn Krueger and children in the North.

Inuit art curator wants to bring traditional art back to Nunavut

Krista Zawadski has a dream — she wants to bring Inuit art back to Nunavut.

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Weekend standoff in Iqaluit leads to several charges, including attempted murder

Iqaluit RCMP have charged two men with numerous offences after a three-hour standoff Saturday night wreaked havoc in the city.

Meet the Nunavut community dedicated to 'buy nothing'

A fifth of the population in Kugluktuk, Nunavut, are giving gifts, lending household items, and sharing food for free through a 'Buy Nothing' group.

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Iqaluit shooter in custody after standoff, police say

The RCMP received a call about a man brandishing knives on December 22. Police say when the family fled the home, the man took up arms.

Rare albino ring seal caught near Pangnirtung, Nunavut

The seal has pink eyes, white fur and white claws. Leopa Akpalialuk caught the seal outside Pangnirtung.

Here's a long list of health privacy breaches in the N.W.T.

Here's our comprehensive list of health privacy breaches in the Northwest Territories since 2010.

'Like Christmas in July': Blizzard delays Cambridge Bay holiday concert

Cambridge Bay will be celebrating Christmas in January this season after a three-day blizzard last week all but buried the community in snow.

'A chance to think more about why they're here': Christmas comes to Nunavut jail

For many, the holiday season is about being home with family, but that's not possible for inmates from across Nunavut at the Makigiarvik Correctional Centre in Iqaluit.

Man faces several charges, including forcible confinement, after Iqaluit standoff

RCMP have not named the 34-year-old man who has been charged with forcible confinement, uttering threats and breach of conditions.

$600M class-action lawsuit claims police mistreatment in N.W.T., Yukon and Nunavut

A youth in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., launched the lawsuit after he says he was assaulted and subjected to racial slurs after he was arrested at the age of 15.

Stomach illness circulating Nunavut, health dept. says

Nunavut's health department has issued a public health advisory because of a stomach illness spreading across the territory that's causing vomiting and diarrhea.

Resolute Bay man sentenced 4 years for shooting at police during standoff

A Nunavut judge has sentenced Sheldon Oqallak to four years in prison for barricading himself in his house and shooting at police, which led to the lockdown of a local school.

Tragedies in Arctic hamlet sparking talk of a Franklin 'curse'

The tiny Arctic community of Gjoa Haven, NU, grieved over six tragic deaths in just two weeks in August. Now, CBC News has learned that some in the community are afraid that the tragedies are somehow linked to Parks Canada divers "disturbing" the newly discovered wrecks of the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror.

'Smell of mould is always there': Nunavut housing crisis more dire as homes become too old to live in

Residents are demanding repairs as Nunavut's public housing stock ages, but the government says that budget constraints means people shouldn't hold their breath for change in the short-term.

Iqaluit salon cuts elders' hair for free in 'Christmas spirit'

T'was the week before Christmas and all through an Iqaluit salon, elders' hair was falling and split ends were gone.

Worker dead after single-vehicle accident at Mary River site, Baffinland says

The RCMP and the Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission will investigate the incident, which happened on Sunday morning.

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Nunavut gets ready to send its 1st hockey team to the Canada Winter Games

Nunavut hockey players will be competing with the best of the best across Canada next year when they take to the ice for the first time ever in the Canada Winter Games.

Nunavut youth turn the tables on southern researchers at ArcticNet conference

A group of Nunavut youth are using a conference of Arctic scholars to make a point about how researchers often come up short in consultations with their communities — using their own language to do so.

Family travels hundreds of kilometres, spends thousands to bring caribou feast to Pond Inlet

'We just wanted people to eat caribou during the Christmas season,' says Charlie Qavvataaq Inuarak, who spent about $20,000 on the trip from Pond Inlet to Hall Beach, Nunavut.

Most Whale Cove residents tested for tuberculosis in 2nd community-wide clinic

The majority of residents in Whale Cove, Nunavut, have now been screened for tuberculosis and it seems the health department is picking up best practices at clinics along the way.

Boil water advisory issued for Whale Cove, Nunavut

Just under a month after a previous boil water advisory was lifted, residents of the Nunavut hamlet of Whale Cove are again being asked to boil their water before consuming due to a risk of coliform bacteria.

He is the egg man: N.W.T.'s Polar Egg expanding operations

The owner of Polar Egg is taking over the inspection plant in Hay River and the Hay River Poultry Farm.

New HIV guidelines could clear Nunavut man of sexual assault charges

Bobby Kaotalok is charged with aggravated sexual assault for allegedly failing to disclose his HIV status — but new guidelines could change that.

Nunastar gets Iqaluit's old RCMP lot in settlement, plans for Astro Hill development

Nunastar Properties Inc. is the new owner of Iqaluit’s old RCMP lot after an out-of-court settlement was reached with the city of Iqaluit.

Iqaluit city council considering curfew for youth in new year

The City of Iqaluit is exploring the idea of a curfew for kids in the Nunavut capital, at the request of one of its councillors.

Federal housing strategy won't lead to more public housing units in N.W.T.

The N.W.T. Housing Corporation is hoping a new federal pot of $60 million will bring private investments in affordable housing to the territory.

SSi Micro partners with Rogers, says it'll improve cell, internet service across North

Northern company will use the telecom giant's unused wireless spectrum in the North. Spectrum is radio waves, and what SSi has licensed connects mobile phones to cellphone towers.

As Navigator Inn in Iqaluit demolished, new home sought for building's artist mural

A mural of Susan Aningmiuq has been displayed on the north side of the Navigator Inn since the summer of 2008, but now it needs a new home.

Inuit leaders say Nutrition North changes welcome, but more to be done

Inuit leaders welcomed updates to the Nutrition North program on Monday, but say more work needs to be done on the program's transparency.

Poverty reduction and prevention part of TB elimination plan for Inuit communities

Details of the plan to eliminate tuberculosis in Inuit communities were announced Monday by Inuit leaders and the federal government, with six priorities outlined to help combat and prevent the disease.

Flour, frozen fruit get increased subsidies in major Nutrition North update

Diapers, macaroni, spaghetti, dried beans and frozen french fries are among the new items now going to be subsidized under the Nutrition North program, the federal government announced in Iqaluit Monday.

Satellite imagery illuminates ice conditions around 3 Nunavut communities

Inuit in Cambridge Bay, Kugluktuk and Gjoa Haven are getting a clearer picture of sea-ice conditions near their communities thanks to a partnership with University of Victoria research group Ocean Networks Canada.

Should northern artists get a cut on resold art? This Inuk artist says yes

A major purchase of Inuit art has left some asking whether artists are getting a fair cut from the work they create.

How this Alaskan woman is bringing back the art of Inuit tattoos

The ancient tradition of Inuit tattoos is seeing a modern revitalization. While some artists have gone modern, using tattoo guns, Holly Nordlum hand stitches or hand pokes the intricate Inuit designs.

Northern advocates say new HIV guidelines a win

Prosecutors in the northern territories must follow new guidelines for HIV cases.

TIFF recognizes Haida film released by Nunavut production company

A Haida film that Zacharias Kunuk was involved in has been selected as one of Canada's Top 10 Films of 2018 at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Baker Lake man arrested after barricading himself in home with gun

RCMP in Baker Lake, Nunavut, say everybody is safe after a man barricaded himself in a home with a firearm early Friday morning.

Scientists find hundreds of new toxins in polar bear blood

Hundreds of previously unknown contaminants were found in a new study of polar bear blood, published in a German chemical journal this week.

Iqaluit restaurant apologizes for discriminating against woman with disability

Naiomie Hanson-Akavak, who has cerebral palsy, says she called The Snack earlier this week to place an order. She says she was disgusted and disappointed when the staff member accused her of being drunk because she slurs her words.

Indigenous peoples and immigrants more at risk of domestic violence in Canada, study says

More than half of domestic homicide victims are from vulnerable populations, that's according to a study conducted by professor Myrna Dawson at the University of Guelph.

Nunavut community co-ops dole out millions to shoppers in end-of-year payout

Two Nunavut communities saw dividend payouts to members of the local co-op store, totalling more than $1 million. Kugaaruk, which has a population of about 900, saw the largest payout, with $1.4 million given back to members.

Yellowknife lowers flag for George H.W. Bush, prompts mixed feelings from residents

Flags in front of Yellowknife’s city hall flew at half-mast from sunrise until sunset Wednesday in recognition of former U.S. president George H.W. Bush, whose funeral was held in Washington, D.C., earlier in the day.

QIA, federal gov't move closer to recognizing Lancaster Sound as protected area

The Qikiqtani Inuit Association and federal government have reached an important milestone in creating Canada's largest marine protected area, signing an agreement in principle for Tallurutiup Imanga, or Lancaster Sound.

CBC North | Good Cheer 2018

Our annual food bank drive will be held all over the North this December. Your generosity can make sure all families have good cheer this holiday season.

Parents and Inuit group worried about changes to Nunavut's Education Act

As three months of public consultations on the government of Nunavut's proposed updates to the Education Act wrap up, some groups remain concerned about what the draft bill will look like.

It's raining junk: Weather service dumping balloons and e-waste across the landscape

Each day, Environment Canada launches 62 weather balloons. But the balloons and their electronic payloads simply fall to Earth afterward, with no attempts made to recover them. An expert says the organization has a responsibility to at least try to pick up the garbage and recycle the electronics and batteries.

Watch The National's first-ever report in Inuktitut

Monday night on The National, Jordan Konek reported on the community of Arviat, Nunavut's struggle to protect themselves from polar bears. The report was also significant in a different way: it was the first time CBC's flagship news program had ever broadcast a report in Inuktitut.

'Nobody likes him': Historian says Arctic explorer Robert M'Clure overlooked

Robert M'Clure, who advertised himself as the first to get through the Northwest Passage, is not remembered in history as a very nice person. But a historian suggests he should get more credit.

Sealskin bracelet blasts into space with Canadian astronaut

A sealskin bracelet made by an Inuk designer from northern Quebec made its way into space with astronaut David Saint-Jacques Monday.