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Fort Liard First Nation says petroleum company not paying up for resource projects

The Acho Dene Koe First Nation of Fort Liard, N.W.T., has turned to the courts in an effort to get the territorial government to enforce benefits agreements for two oil and gas developments on its traditional lands.

Meet 2 city councillors vying to be the next mayor of Yellowknife

Two of the four candidates vying for the mayor's chair in Yellowknife's upcoming municipal election come with similar political experience, but different priorities for the city.

Maligned mine remediation project east of Yellowknife ahead of schedule, say federal officials

A year after inspectors said they were 'extremely disappointed' with the federal cleanup job of a cluster of seven abandoned mine sites, its project manager says the remediation has become a model of success.

Nova Scotia to allow 'X' as sex option on birth certificates

Nova Scotians who don't exclusively identify as male or female will have the option of choosing "X" on their birth certificates under changes proposed by the province.

'I am not a drug dealer': Mary Anne Lafferty takes the stand in drug trafficking trial

Mary Anne Lafferty, 58, testified to a jury in N.W.T Supreme Court she had no idea the delivery she agreed to make for her daughter would result in drug trafficking charges.

Mayor should have declared conflict, says Yellowknife councillor

Yellowknife city councillor Niels Konge says Mayor Mark Heyck should not have participated in discussions about removing energy efficiency requirements for new buildings after applying for a job he now has as executive director of the Arctic Energy Alliance.

Yellowknife man frustrated with police handling of assault report

A man in Yellowknife who called the police to report an assault says he’s upset with how officers handled the incident, arresting who he believes to be the victim - but police say there's more to the story.

Mom says N.W.T. government still forcing Indigenous people to use 'colonized version' of their names

As the Northwest Territories government says it’ll eventually waive fees for residential school survivors and their families to reclaim their Indigenous names, one Yellowknife mom left in limbo says that’s not enough.

Training for disaster: Canadian military practises air crash response in Yellowknife

The Canadian Armed Forces was in Yellowknife on Tuesday to practise how it would respond in the event of a major air disaster in Canada.

K'atl'odeeche First Nation rejects plan to manage $28.3M 'cows and plows' agreement

Chief Roy Fabian says after these results he won't be running in the next election: 'I worked hard on this thing and for me it's about future generations.'

Here are the candidates for the 2018 N.W.T. municipal elections

The candidates for mayor and councillor positions have been announced for the 2018 municipal elections.

Volunteers start giving formal tours of Hay River memory wall

The tours emphasize how chiefs, trappers, fishermen, bush pilots, war brides, doctors, and even a dairy farmer shaped the town's political, economic, and social landscape.

Yellowknife man gets 3-year sentence for drug bust caused by a pot left on stove

William Simpson of Yellowknife was sentenced to three years behind bars as a result of a drug bust triggered by a smoke alarm.

'Anti-corruption' mayoral candidate removes confidential letter posted to Facebook page

Yellowknife mayoral candidate Jerald Sibbeston says he didn’t post a confidential city hall letter on his Facebook page, but said whoever did is “a hero.”

Mom and daughter share 4-year nursing program together, still not sick of each other

Jordan Erickson and her mother Jody Prince will soon share an experience few mothers and daughters share. Both will graduate from the same four-year bachelor of science in nursing program next spring.

'We can't wait forever': Indigenous man waiting for N.W.T. gov't to waive name change fees

The Northwest Territories government has been dragging its feet to waives fees for some Indigenous people wanting to legally change their names to reclaim their traditional name.

Here are the candidates for the 2018 Yellowknife municipal election

The City of Yellowknife has announced the candidates running in Yellowknife’s upcoming municipal election.

Search continues for missing 20-year-old man last seen near Norman Wells

RCMP in Norman Wells are continuing to search for 20-year-old Darren Whiteman, who was reported missing last Wednesday and still hasn’t been found.

Man facing several charges after 2 people injured in Fort Good Hope

RCMP are investigating an alleged aggravated assault after two people in Fort Good Hope, N.W.T., were seriously injured over the weekend.

'I'm a born leader': Meet 2 more candidates for mayor in Yellowknife

Bob Stewart and Jerald Sibbeston have no council experience, but each point to their life experience and university educations in politics as giving them the tools they need to be mayor.

Court hears intercepted phone calls on day 3 of Lafferty drug trafficking trial

The jury heard recordings between a drug kingpin and the daughter of accused Mary Anne Lafferty. The recording does not indicate whether or not the accused knew they were transporting drugs.

'It's good to know you're not alone': Hay River run organizer shares connection to the cause

Jared Monkman was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour 7 years ago and ran with Fred Fox, Terry's older brother, when he visited Hay River last year.

Hay River women's shelter demolished to make way for new facility

The centre's executive director says she hopes they will be able to start building a new shelter on the same site next spring, with the doors potentially opening in 2020.

There's about to be fewer puppies in Ulukhaktok thanks to a mobile veterinary clinic

Veterinarians visited Ulukhaktok, N.W.T., for the first time this week, thanks to the hamlet, to vaccinate, treat, spay and neuter local dogs.

See how hot Canadian cities are becoming

A researcher has created a new way to chart Earth's warming temperatures, one that he believes paints a clearer picture of a changing climate.

Inuvik's Gwich'in strike out on their own self-government negotiations

The Nihtat Gwich’in Council, representing Inuvik members, confirmed its decision to start its own negotiations separate of the Gwich’in Tribal Council at a special assembly on self-government in Aklavik, N.W.T., on Friday

Teaching brought them to a small N.W.T. community — then they found love

'I was sitting at my desk trying to set up for my first year of teaching ever. And then Diana walked through my door, and I was like, 'Oh my goodness,' says William Magno.

You're not imagining it — September is colder than usual in Yellowknife

According to Environment Canada, not even halfway through September, Yellowknife has already broken cold records for three days.

RCMP interview video shown in 2nd day of N.W.T. elder and daughter's drug trafficking trial

'With the life I've lived it's a lot better to shut your mouth,' said Mary Anne Lafferty in 2016 RCMP interview. She and her then 77-year-old mother are accused of trafficking drugs.

New Inuit-specific child care initiative will 'right a wrong,' says Inuit leader

On Sept. 10, Indigenous Services Canada announced it was developing an Inuit-specific Child First Initiative. Child First cuts red tape to make sure Indigenous children have the same access to services as any other children in Canada, yet Inuit families were excluded from the program.

Fort Liard youth to be sentenced for manslaughter, sexual assault

The victim's body was found near a local river after she had been abandoned, unconscious, in the cold.

At least 23 confirmed cases of salmonella illness from raw chicken in N.B.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has confirmed that 419 cases of salmonella cases are confirmed and 23 of those are in New Brunswick.

Gwich'in Tribal Council expects mandate on self-government after special assembly Friday

A special assembly on Gwich'in self-government begins in Akalvik on Friday.

Norman Wells RCMP searching for missing 20-year-old man

Family members last saw Darren Whiteman Tuesday evening at about 11 p.m. at a cabin on Lennie Lake. He was reported missing around noon on Wednesday, according to an N.W.T. RCMP news release.

Snooowww!: Now is the summer of our discontent

It's still summer, technically, but then again. Edmonton was a city with the mopes on Thursday morning as people woke up to slush-covered streets and lawns covered in snow.

Brad Mapes not seeking 2nd term as Hay River mayor

Mapes, 54, says he's not walking away from his community; his decision not to run stems from the desire to focus on his businesses and family.

Resource development, gas supply top of mind in Inuvik for senatorial visit

'One of the big issues in the North is people from Ottawa always making decisions [for] the North and then never really consulting with the people of the North,' says Inuvik mayor.

Drug trafficking trial begins in Yellowknife for Ndilo elder and her daughter

The trial of a Ndilo, N.W.T., elder and her daughter, accused of trafficking drugs in 2016, got underway Wednesday in Yellowknife.

Oh snow: Flurries blow into northwest Calgary

Light snow began to fall in northwest Calgary and west-central Alberta Wednesday, shortly after 6 p.m.

Alberta rescue worker shares what it's like to spend 40 years saving lives

Richard Smith is an Alberta search and rescue expert with more than 40-years experience, and this week he and other volunteers and rescue workers were honoured with a themed Canada Post stamp.

Ugh: Alberta hunkers down for September snowstorm

A snowstorm is blasting across Alberta and the capital region will not be spared.

78-year-old reluctant to retire in face of N.W.T. coroner shortage

'Right now there are just two of us in Fort Simpson covering the [Dehcho region] and it is a heavy job,' says John Herring.

Asian desert dust could be warming Arctic sea surface, confusing satellites — study

Large amounts of dust from Asian deserts could be contributing to the warming of Arctic sea surfaces, but satellites are misreading these temperatures as being colder than they are.

'Spirit of the tree is still living': Downed sacred tree moved to cultural site

Dene held a ceremony at the Yellowknife River on Tuesday to move a sacred tree that fell during a windstorm this summer to a cultural site.

Senator 'flabbergasted' by some testimony on northern fact-finding tour

Members of the Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples met with leaders in Yellowknife to hear their thoughts on the future of a nation-to-nation relationship.

Trauma can change brain chemistry, expert says

Trauma-informed justice workshop in Yellowknife exposes justice workers to latest brain chemistry science.

September snowstorm could dump 15 cm on parts of Alberta

A powerful snowstorm will wallop a wide swath of Alberta sooner and harder than expected, according to an expanded weather advisory issued Tuesday by Environment Canada.

It won't snow Thursday in Calgary after all (probably)

The early dose of winter that was in the forecast for Thursday is now more likely to hit Calgary and southern Alberta on Sunday, but Edmonton and points north could still get some flurries before then, Environment Canada says.

Tuque soon? Early snow prompts weather warning for northeastern B.C.

The South Peace is under a snowfall warning, with up to 10 centimetres of snow expected by Tuesday evening.

Small N.W.T. community wants to grow all its own veggies by 2020

A greenhouse will be installed next summer and will cost roughly $400,000. The project manager says it will help reduce the cost of living.

Jury selection holdup at Yellowknife hotel will cost taxpayers $1,190

Hundreds of people that went to a Yellowknife hotel for jury selection on Monday were sent home because of a staffing issue. They're expected to try again Tuesday.

Canada sees info 'gaps' about dangerous goods moving through North

The federal government says it doesn't know enough about how, when and where dangerous goods move through the Canadian North, highlighting the potential risks of a major spill or other disaster.

RCMP warn of phone scammers as Behchoko resident loses $3K to CRA scam

RCMP say the CRA will not ask for payment through online gift cards.

Summer snowstorm expected to hit western Alberta

It’s still summer but communities in western Alberta are being told to hunker down for a blast of wintry weather.

Residents of Aklavik spotting more grizzly bears in town

About 10 grizzly bears have been living at the community dump in Aklavik, N.W.T., this summer.

Meet the Trailbreaker's Employee of the Month: Park manager Bruce Davidson

Bruce Davidson, park manager of Prelude Lake Territorial Park, is well-known and well-loved amongst campers.

Possibility of N.W.T. government strike looms at budget hearing

At a budget overview hearing on Friday, the N.W.T. government said it's approaching its $1.3 billion debt limit; meanwhile, the Union of Northern Workers president says it can strike as early as mid-November if a new collective agreement is not reached.

What is trauma-informed justice? Yellowknife lawyer says more people need to know about it

Lawyer Peter Harte says all of his clients in the criminal justice system should be treated differently because of their past trauma, but that isn't happening. At an event Monday, Harte hopes to raise more awareness about this trauma-informed justice.
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'Give me the damn car': Red tape keeps grieving widow from driving clunker

An Ontario widow found herself stuck with a clunker she couldn't legally drive — or even give away — after being told she had to pay more than the car is worth in legal fees to transfer ownership.

Kids in N.W.T.'s Beaufort Delta region get free hockey gear to play for the 1st time

Forty-five kids across the N.W.T.'s Beaufort Delta region received free hockey equipment Tuesday.

A tiny school of 4 students in the N.W.T. has big plans for the year

The school in Kakisa, N.W.T., is known as the one-room school. Students have never been exposed to larger class settings, so the school's only teacher is planning a field trip to neighbouring communities.

Moose hide tanners learn art from elders and each other in Banff residency

Students are tanning moose hides this month in the mountain town of Banff, Alta., as part of a new program launched to help the traditional Indigenous practice grow and thrive.

Northern territories had highest crime rates, severity in Canada in 2017

A Statistics Canada report indicates N.W.T., Nunavut and the Yukon had the highest police-reported crime rate and crime severity index in Canada in 2017.

Take a look at some of the best photos from the Sahtu assembly in Tulita

CBC's Alex Brockman and Leitha Kochon spent the week in Tulita, N.W.T., covering the Sahtu assembly, telling stories and meeting with people. Here's a look at some of the photos they took along the way.

Yellowknife bylaw officers publicly support beleaguered manager

In an open letter published in the Yellowknifer newspaper, 10 bylaw officers offered public support for their manager, Doug Gillard, who has been at the centre of an inquiry into the alleged misuse of security cameras on city properties.

Jean Marie River's airport to temporarily close for 11 days

The airport will close starting Sept. 10 to Sept. 20 for resurfacing work on the airport's runway.

New regional Métis organization in the works in N.W.T.

Proposed collective would represent Mackenzie Valley Métis, wherever they might reside now.

MLA urges Sahtu Secretariat to lobby for Mackenzie Valley Highway

Time is running out for Sahtu communities to lobby the federal government to fund the Mackenzie Valley Highway before the next election, MLA Daniel McNeely told delegates at the assembly.

Lutsel K'e school students finally reunited under 1 roof

Approximately 60 students from K-12 will begin classes this school year in a school equipped with a science lab, new classrooms and playground equipment.

K'atl'odeeche First Nation vote under appeal, management of $28.3M in question

Members of the First Nation voted Wednesday on the 'cows and plows' agreement, but the results are being appealed. The outcome will not be known for at least a week, the First Nation says.

Judge stays on case despite distant family connection to victim

The Northwest Territories' only homegrown judge says she's not going to recuse herself from a sexual assault case just because she is a second cousin of the victim.

'Nobody ever talks for us': Young delegates find their voice at Sahtu assembly

Young delegates at the Sahtu assembly are making their voices heard: asking tough questions about governance in their communities. Now, they're asking others to join them.

Creditors fighting over assets of Great Slave Helicopters

Two Bay Street investment firms are battling over the assets of Great Slave Helicopters, one of the subsidiaries of now defunct Discovery Air.

As tourists flock to Tuktoyaktuk, hamlet increases services

Just as anticipated, Tuktoyaktuk is seeing an influx of tourists thanks to the Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway, and is starting to offer more services to meet their needs.

Man facing 6 charges after incident involving a loaded shot gun in Wekweeti

The 23-year-old man is facing charges including unauthorized possession of a firearm, disobeying a court order, and careless use of a firearm.

N.W.T. had lower than average wildfire season this year, says government

The Northwest Territories experienced a lower than average fire season this year. Fire crews and resources from the territory helped respond to wildfires in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon and Ontario.

City of Yellowknife hires Indigenous relations adviser to guide reconciliation

Maggie Mercredi will take on the newly established role, which is to provide guidance on how the city can 'enhance relationships with Indigenous peoples and governments,' according to a news release.

Report on children's well-being highlights dire conditions for some in the North

A new report shows Nunavut continues to have the highest rate of infant mortality in the country, although that number has dropped slightly in recent years.

'Fun-loving, active, and lively' Gwich'in man found dead near Dempster Highway

William Thompson, 40, was hunting caribou near the Yukon-N.W.T. border. He was reported overdue on Saturday evening.

Cruise ship cancellations disappoint Ulukhaktok residents, says mayor

The cancellation of two luxury cruise ships that were supposed to land in Ulukhaktok, N.W.T., in the coming days is disappointing community members that were prepared for an influx of tourists.

'I just want to thank you all': Charles McNeely elected new Sahtu secretariat chair by acclamation

Another Indigenous organization in the Northwest Territories is under new leadership, as the Sahtu Secretariat Incorporated has chosen Charles McNeely as its new chairman.

After family grieves, changes come to mental health care in N.W.T.

The N.W.T.'s new Mental Health Act came into effect on Sept. 1.

RCMP to outdoor enthusiasts: call your mom

The RCMP wants wilderness fans to follow a trip plan, keep their phones charged and stay in touch with loved ones at scheduled times, so panic doesn't ensue.

Claims that Yellowknife lost $2M due to room shortage untrue, say hotel operators

Representatives of the Yellowknife Airport say the city missed out on an estimated $2 million because of a hotel shortage, but some hotels in the city are saying there wasn’t one.

K'atl'odeeche First Nation voting on how to manage $28M 'cows and plows' agreement

Members of the K'atl'odeeche First Nation near Hay River, N.W.T., are voting this week on how to manage a $28.3M agricultural benefits agreement, also known as "cows and plows."

Gorging on pastries: Former Yellowknifer shares stories from demolished downtown building

Yellowknifers said goodbye this weekend to a historic downtown building, which was once home to a family-run bakery.

Excitement and nerves rule Yukon College move-in weekend

It’s move-in weekend at Yukon College in Whitehorse. From Friday to Monday, 125 students will settle into their new homes on campus.

Inuvik triathlete tackles challenges of training in the North

Triathlete Meghan Scott said she was excited to move to Inuvik, N.W.T., last summer. But she didn't realize she’d face so many challenges in order to keep training for the multi-sport competition.

Former northerner hoping to sail to victory in Scotland

Josh Cook is one of the sailors representing Canada at the Blind Match Racing World Championships in Scotland this year.

Atlas of Canada created by Indigenous people coming soon

The Indigenous Peoples Map of Canada shows the country without provincial or territorial boundaries.

12-year-old Yellowknifer well on her way to becoming a vet

"The two things I like most [about] being a vet is helping animals and just being able to be with them," says Shannon Mercer.

Why Yellowknife's summer was a bummer: CBC meteorologist Ashley Brauweiler explains

Even though the temperatures were statistically around average, many Yellowknifers have been mourning this year’s summer that never was.

Sewing machine that linked 2 women from across the country makes it to Ontario

The sewing machine that once belonged to Margaret McLauchlan's mother had been sold in the 1950s to a young girl working at the hospital in Aklavik.

A backhoe is expected to crush the former Fat Fox Café building in Yellowknife this weekend

The building that housed the Fat Fox Café on 50 Street in Yellowknife is expected to be torn down some time over the long weekend.

In the wrong place at the wrong time, or drug-dealing accomplice? Yellowknife judge to make decision

Mohamed was in the second-floor bathroom of a Yellowknife home in 2015 when police raided the home.

Difficult fishing season for some fishers in Hay River, N.W.T.

It’s been a difficult summer for many commercial fishers on Great Slave Lake, at least according to one fisherman who has been in the business for 40 years.

New Mental Health Act will replace N.W.T.'s 'really outdated' one, says health minister

The new Mental Health Act replaces an old one from 1988, and it will have new rules for involuntarily holding people in crisis and the creation of a mental health review board.

Adrian Bell steps down as Yellowknife's deputy mayor, hours before confidential city meeting

Yellowknife city Coun. Adrian Bell stepped down as deputy mayor on Thursday morning, just hours before city staff and council met at an in-camera meeting to discuss and vote on issues surrounding the city bylaw inquiry investigations.

3 teens struck by vehicle in Yellowknife

RCMP are investigating and say no charges have been laid yet after three male teenagers were hit by a truck at the corner of Range Lake Road and Woolgar Avenue in Yellowknife early Thursday morning.

Treaty banning dangerous chemicals helped Arctic wildlife, study shows

The Stockholm Convention, signed by 152 countries, aims to eradicate use of pollutants such as PCBs and DDT.