Thomas Rohner


Thomas Rohner is a reporter based in Iqaluit, where he's lived for nearly six years. His special interests as a journalist include the criminal justice system and investigative reporting.

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Nunavut man convicted of murder says judge violated charter, language rights

An Inuk man says his charter and language rights were violated by a Nunavut judge during his 2016 homicide trial, according to documents filed with the Nunavut Court of Appeal.

Nunavut government introduces bill aimed at civilian oversight of RCMP

Nunavut RCMP could soon be subjected to civilian oversight for serious incidents, according to a bill introduced by Nunavut’s justice department in the most recent sitting of the legislature.

Report on why Nunavut RCMP struck Kinngait man with vehicle a 'betrayal': legal aid

An Ottawa Police Service investigation into why an Inuk man was struck by a Nunavut RCMP vehicle door during an arrest last spring raises more questions than it answers, the territory’s legal aid agency says.

Will body cams work as police say they're supposed to? Experts weigh in

Police body cameras hit the streets of Iqaluit on Monday as part of the RCMP’s national pilot project. But the debate on what benefits the cameras may offer is far from over, according to experts.

Do like Isla does and celebrate safely during the lockdown, Iqaluit mom says

This year for her birthday, three-year-old Isla Winter Qapuk Kirk went all out - she had a personal drive-in movie theatre created in Iqaluit for her family and friends.

CRTC launches survey aimed at Northwestel, northern telecommunications industry

The CRTC has launched a survey to hear Northerners thoughts and feelings about the telecommunications industry, in particular one big player: Northwestel.

Iqaluit sets 2021 budget, focuses on water woes

Iqaluit’s top priority in next year’s budget is addressing its water woes, a press release from the city said Wednesday.

Nunavut coroner's inquest, court services on hold due to COVID-19

The coroner’s inquest into death of a Gjoa Haven man in 2016 police shooting has been postponed until next year, along with a host of other services under Nunavut’s justice department.

Nunavut education minister urges patience, compassion on first day of lockdown

Nunavut’s education minister urged patience and compassion from students and parents on Nov. 18, the first day of the territory’s lockdown that saw about 10,000 students stay home from school.

Nunavut woman claims mistreatment in Ottawa hospital

An Inuk woman from Pangnirtung says she was mistreated by nurses at the Civic Campus of Ottawa Hospital who refused to give her water and change her diaper.

Nunavut man sentenced to 7 years for brutal attempted murder of youth

A Nunavut man has been sentenced to seven years in prison for a brutal attempted murder of a teenager in 2018.

RCMP's own research on body cameras is ambiguous

The potential positive impacts of police officers with body-worn cameras are largely unknown, according to research provided by the RCMP to CBC News.

Nunavut RCMP body cams to roll out in Iqaluit over 9 months

Nunavut RCMP released more information on Wednesday about its body camera pilot project, including a three-phase rollout over nine months in Iqaluit that the Mounties are now calling “limited.”

Nunavut RCMP officers will be able to turn body cameras off

Nunavut RCMP will have the ability to turn their body-worn cameras on and off when a national pilot project gets underway in Iqaluit next month.

Nunavut mother who brutally abused child won't serve jail time

The Nunavut Court of Appeal decided that sending a woman to jail for abusing her young child was not acceptable, in part because it would mean her other child would likely end up in foster care.