Teslin, Yukon, workshop teaches art of moosehide tanning

Eleven people from Atlin, B.C., and two people from Teslin, Yukon, took part in a 10-day moosehide tanning workshop in Teslin recently.

10-day workshop the biggest instructor Margaret Douville has ever taught

The 10-day workshop teaches all parts of preparing a moose hide for smoking. It was held at Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre on the shore of Teslin Lake, Yukon. (Karen McColl/CBC)

A 10-day moosehide tanning workshop recently took place in Teslin, Yukon, with 13 people taking part.

Margaret Douville, who taught the course, says it's the biggest class she's ever taught, with 11 people from Atlin, B.C., and two from Teslin.

Among the group were mother-daughter pair Juanita and Shayla Kremer, the latter aged eight.

The course, which took place at the Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre, went through steps such as removing the hair, removing the flesh, and braining.

Douville said if she has no other distractions, she can prepare two hides in one day.

The CBC's Karen McColl attended parts of the workshop and snapped these shots: