Swiss Air flight makes emergency landing with one engine in Iqaluit

A Boeing 777 made an unexpected landing in Iqaluit Wednesday after one of its engines shut down in mid-flight.

No injuries after engine shuts down in mid-flight

A Swiss International Air Lines flight prepares to land after being diverted to Iqaluit. The flight was en route from Zurich to Los Angeles. (Frank Reardon)

A Swiss International Air Lines flight made an unexpected landing in Iqaluit Wednesday due to a technical problem.

The Boeing 777, carrying 216 passengers and 17 crew members, was en route to Los Angeles from Zurich.

The landing was uneventful with no injuries reported.

The airline says a malfunction message led to one of the engines shutting down mid-flight.

Flights to and from the Iqaluit airport were delayed for a short time this afternoon due to the diversion.

That was because the plane had trouble turning around with just one engine.

Iqaluit Mayor Madeleine Redfern tweeted that the passengers will disembark in shifts to eat and take a tour of the city before another plane arrives to take them to Los Angeles, but later tweeted a correction saying the passengers would remain on the plane.