Susan Bell

Susan Bell is a digital reporter with the Cree Unit in Montreal.

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Cree tourism to get boost from creation of majority Cree-owned travel agency

In the hopes of making it easier for travellers to discover the James Bay region, the Cree Outfitting and Tourism Association has helped launch a majority Cree-owned travel agency: Eeyou Istchee Baie James Travel.

Quebec Cree, federal gov't consider marine conservation area in James Bay

A a memorandum of understanding has been signed to study the feasibility of a national marine conservation area off the coast of James Bay — an area that includes more than a thousand small islands and is a key subarctic ecosystem. 

Cree Nation Bears Hockey benched for 2019-2020 as funding cut

The organizers of the Cree Nation Bears hockey program in the James Bay region of Quebec say they must suspend their full program for the 2019-2020 season after losing a significant part of its operating budget.
Racism in Hockey

How Indigenous players and coaches are forging ahead in a positive way

Many hockey players, parents and coaches have spoken out about racism in the sport. They say discrimination is an all too common experience in arenas, whether it be from the opposing players, their parents, or referees. Many are looking for ways forward.
Racism in Hockey

Quebec sporting groups must have plans to tackle bullying, racism by 2020: minister

Amid calls for arena managers to address discrimination in hockey, Quebec's junior education minister says that sporting federations must come up with a plan by 2020.
Racism in Hockey

No repercussions after Indigenous children called 'savages' at hockey tournament, parents say

Dre Wheesk and his teammates faced racist taunts and questionable refereeing, say parents and the coach of the Flamme Olympique, while at a tournament near Montreal last year.
Racism in Hockey

Indigenous players subjected to racist taunts, discriminatory calls, say parents

In a four-part series, CBC News is looking at racism in hockey reported by Indigenous players. It comes a year after a First Nations team was subjected to racist slurs and taunts at a tournament in Quebec.

Cree player ranked as 1st round draft pick for QMJHL

Quebec Major Junior Hockey League scouts have ranked Mistissini's Israel Mianscum, a first-round draft prospect heading into next month's QMJHL draft in Quebec City, which many say is a first for a Cree player in Quebec. 

James Bay community works to get handle on large, free-roaming dog population

The James Bay community of Waswanipi in northern Quebec says it is determined to finally get a handle on a free-roaming — and at times aggressive — dog population.

Cree hockey team wins national title

A hockey team from Waswanipi, Que., got the chance to pay an emotional tribute to one of its founding members and win the Fred Sasakamoose 'Chief Thunderstick' All-Reserve Invitation Senior Contact Hockey Tournament.

Cree bus service catching on in unexpected way

Numbers collected for 2018 show the parcel rather than passenger service is in demand.

'I'll forever cherish our moments together': Cree Nation elder and mentor honoured

Many in the James Bay region of Quebec are sharing cherished memories or sage bits of advice given to them by elder William J. Stephen. He passed away April 5 at the age of 89.

Food fight developing in Quebec Cree community of Chisasibi

An attempt by the Cree community of Chisasibi to regulate the very popular activity of buying and selling locally made food got messy Tuesday after a rumour exploded on social media that the band office was trying to shut food sellers down. 

Quebec Cree encourage return to tradition of sustainable gathering and sharing

In an attempt to encourage a more environmental way of meeting and gathering, the Cree Nation Government passed a resolution last week challenging its departments, local entities, governments and individuals to move away from single use polystyrene plastics.

James Bay Cree move to 'unlock' value in private homes

The Cree Nation Government unanimously passed a resolution on Tuesday to remove 75 year limit on land leases and allow Cree families to build up equity in their homes.