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Susan Bell is a digital reporter with the Cree Unit in Montreal.

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'I'm angry': Cree man can't use trapline, blames debris prospectors left behind

An abandoned prospecting camp on John Rupert's trapline near Whapmagoostui includes some 300 barrels, 100 old propane tanks, heavy machinery and 14 decaying cabins. Efforts are underway to clean up abandoned mineral exploration sites across Eeyou Istchee James Bay territory.

Quebec Cree community to get regional hospital

The new hospital will provide close to 20,000 Cree in nine communities specialized services such as surgery, cancer treatment, CT scans, gynecology and obstetrics.

Cree community discusses dream of higher education options at home

Two days of discussions about how to meet some of the higher education needs of the Quebec Cree Nation locally are happening this week in Chisasibi. The main idea on the table is the creation of what's being called Chiiyaaniu College — meaning 'our college.'

New space gives Cree students a place for traditional learning in Waswanipi

The Cree community of Waswanipi inaugurated a cultural camp for high school students to learn Cree culture in a culturally appropriate space.

Quebec Cree pass language act as its 1st-ever legislation

Quebec Cree are celebrating the passing of their government's first law — Bill 1, or the Cree Language Act of Eeyou Istchee.

'A profound benefit': Home dialysis coming to Quebec Cree

The Cree Board of Health and Social Services announced the launch of a home hemodialysis pilot project Thursday, in collaboration with the Cree Nation of Waswanipi.

Quebec Cree deal with travel, isolation just to see a medical specialist

Each year, thousands of Quebec Cree patients travel south to see medical specialists unavailable in the North. Montreal's Espresso Hotel is one of the places patients stay.

Waskaganish rolls out traditional welcome and lodging for visitors

The manager of the culture and tourism department in the James Bay community of Waskaganish hopes a traditional camp for visitors to sleep in will be a way to both extend a Cree welcome to traveller’s and to break down barriers between different cultures. 

APTN launches French-language national news program

The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) is launching a weekly national newscast in French with a host hailing from the James Bay Cree community of Waswanipi, Que.

Man found safe after 24 hours in northern Quebec bush

A search involving police, firefighters, Canadian Rangers, family and community volunteers from Chisasibi, Que., ended on a happy note when the man was found safe.

Cree tourism to get boost from creation of majority Cree-owned travel agency

In the hopes of making it easier for travellers to discover the James Bay region, the Cree Outfitting and Tourism Association has helped launch a majority Cree-owned travel agency: Eeyou Istchee Baie James Travel.

Quebec Cree, federal gov't consider marine conservation area in James Bay

A a memorandum of understanding has been signed to study the feasibility of a national marine conservation area off the coast of James Bay — an area that includes more than a thousand small islands and is a key subarctic ecosystem. 

Cree Nation Bears Hockey benched for 2019-2020 as funding cut

The organizers of the Cree Nation Bears hockey program in the James Bay region of Quebec say they must suspend their full program for the 2019-2020 season after losing a significant part of its operating budget.
Racism in Hockey

How Indigenous players and coaches are forging ahead in a positive way

Many hockey players, parents and coaches have spoken out about racism in the sport. They say discrimination is an all too common experience in arenas, whether it be from the opposing players, their parents, or referees. Many are looking for ways forward.
Racism in Hockey

Quebec sporting groups must have plans to tackle bullying, racism by 2020: minister

Amid calls for arena managers to address discrimination in hockey, Quebec's junior education minister says that sporting federations must come up with a plan by 2020.