'More freedom': Sunday public transit is official in Whitehorse

The highly anticipated Sunday bus service finally arrives in Whitehorse on March 12.

Sunday buses running on a Saturday schedule

A Whitehorse city transit bus. Sunday bus service began in Whitehorse on March 12. Buses are running on a Saturday schedule. (Sissi De Flaviis/CBC)

For many who rely on public transit to get around Whitehorse, life on Sundays just got a little easier.

The highly anticipated Sunday bus service finally arrived in the city last weekend.

People can now take transit on Sundays to run errands, go to church, and to meet with friends and family who live in different neighbourhoods.

That's the case for Whitehorse resident, Fiona Griffin, who said Sunday transit means "a lot more freedom" for her.

"We can get out on Sundays and come downtown and get some shopping," said Griffin. 

"It's great to have it available for people who have shift work or any other kind of work. They can get to work, don't have to buy a cab if they don't own a car or anything like that. I think it's fantastic."

'I'm super thrilled for Whitehorse,' Fiona Griffin said of Sunday bus service. (Sissi De Flaviis/CBC)

Griffin said she also chatted with her Sunday bus driver, who shared the sentiment for the new weekend service.

"I'm super thrilled for Whitehorse," she said.

Sunday bus service will cost the city about $400,000 annually, according to Jason Bradshaw, the Whitehorse's transit manager, adding that the figure doesn't include revenue from fares.

With temperatures hitting -18 C and below last Sunday, there were a few bus riders in the downtown area, mostly seniors.

One rider commented he no longer has a driver's license because of age-related visual deterioration, and relies on public transportation to get around town. For him, the service means he can now get to church and go grocery shopping.

Sunday buses are running on a Saturday schedule.