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This stuffed goose wrapped in bacon is 'absolutely beautiful'

This week's Arctic Kitchen recipe is all about cooking a fresh spring goose while making sure it doesn't dry out.

Here are some traditional, time-tested tricks to ensure your goose isn't too dry

Vanessa Kennedy says if a goose is cooked with the breast side down, it will retain moisture. (Submitted by Vanessa Kennedy)

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Hunt it, stuff it, bake and enjoy.

That's what Vanessa Kennedy's family did this year with their spring goose.

"It was actually my daughter who harvested the goose here in our area," she said to CBC's Wanda McLeod from her home in Northwestern Ontario.

Kennedy says her family mainly eats wild meat.

"We hunt moose, deer, all kinds of waterfowl … pretty much our freezer is full every year and we spend a lot of time out on the land," she said.

They also spend a lot of time preparing delicious meals.

Vanessa Kennedy says she stuffs her goose with stuffing, apples, garlic and onions. She wraps it in bacon too. (Submitted by Vanessa Kennedy)

"Growing up … my mom was a traditional cook," Kennedy said.

And she learned quite a few tricks of the trade from her mom when it came to cooking wild meat.

"With goose meat … it's generally pretty dry … she would always say to cook the breast-side down just to keep that moisture."

That wasn't the only trick.

"We would put some bacon on top of it as well, not letting it dry out too much," she said.

Then they would fill the bird with stuffing, apples, onions and garlic.

This year was no different when they prepared and cooked their spring goose, and the end result was "delicious."

Kennedy posted pics on CBC North's Arctic Kitchen Facebook group.

People were salivating.

Vanessa Kennedy went with a stuffed goose this year instead of a turkey for Easter. She says the goose was moist and 'delicious.' (Submitted by Vanessa Kennedy)

"Such an amazing cook!" said one member.

"Absolutely beautiful!!!" said another.

Kennedy said she was so grateful for all the positive comments. 

But it's the reaction her family gave her that meant the most to her.

"They loved it," she said.