Art beaded in the shape of a vagina sparks conversation

Whitehorse artist Stormy Bradley says she hopes her art will create an open dialogue and healthy conversation.

Whitehorse artist Stormy Bradley says her work is meant to ‘celebrate vaginas’

Whitehorse-based artist Stormy Bradley says she's making beaded vaginas to get the conversation going about women's sexuality. (Leonard Linklater/CBC)

If artist Stormy Bradley's beaded vaginas raise some eyebrows, that's the intent.

"It's just creating that conversation," she said about the colourful little teardrop-shaped pieces that are trimmed with fur and look like a woman's vulva.

"If that sparks uncomfortableness, maybe we can talk about it and figure out why it's making people uncomfortable."

Bradley said she wants to stimulate an open dialogue and healthy conversation about vaginas, and in turn, women's reproductive health.

The pieces can be worn as a brooch, earrings or simply displayed as art. 

Her posts on social media about the pieces have received many positive responses and she said people have sent her private messages telling her stories about how they relate to the work.

Artist Stormey Bradley says her pieces can be worn as jewellery but it’s up to the person how they want to use it. (Leonard Linklater/CBC)

While sewing the pieces, she said she was thinking about women's reproductive rights and how women are portrayed in the media.

The work is also based on her own experiences growing up, she said.

"I experienced a lot of shame with my body, especially my lady parts," said Bradley. "I kind of had this negative feeling about myself, this connotation that, you know, my part is ugly and I just I decided that it's not ... I wanted to make a beautiful art piece and just kind of celebrate vaginas."

She hopes her daughter can grow up without feeling the same way about herself.

"I don't want her to feel any shame growing up," she said. "I know that who she is as a person who is completely natural and healthy. At the end of the day, everything I do is for the betterment of my daughter."

With files from Leonard Linklater and Ashleigh Mattern.