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Steve Hossack is a CBC North reporter based in Whitehorse.

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2018 was a promising year for Yukon's mining sector

The prospect of 3 new mines on the not-so-distant horizon has attracted some of the biggest players in the game to the territory.

Advisory warns of heightened avalanche risk in backcountry

'We're definitely in a period of rising danger right now,' said Ben Horowitz, with the Yukon Avalanche Association

Whitehorse Centre of Hope to become government facility

Citing 'feedback from the community,' the Yukon Government is taking control of operations at the Whitehorse Centre of Hope.

Teslin Tlingit Council takes federal government to court over funding agreement

The First Nation says its current financial transfer agreement with the federal government is outdated and inadequate, and that Ottawa has failed to negotiate a new agreement.

Brandy Vittrekwa's killer to be released, plans to go to B.C. for school

The youth, who was convicted of manslaughter in the 2014 death of Brandy Vittrekwa in Whitehorse, will be released from custody next month.

Yukon's 2017 'Bioblitz' identifies 30 new species

A celebration of Yukon's biodiversity turned up dozens of species never before recorded in the territory, and helped paint a picture of the territory's unique flora and fauna.

Plane gets stuck in snow on Yukon glacier as region sees 'incredible amount of change'

'It was a little trying, because we knew we had one shot to get the plane out,' says pilot Mike Butler.

Chinese market dubbed the 'holy grail' of tourism for Yukon

Approximately 3,500 Chinese tourists make their way to Yukon every year — a number which continues to show signs of steady growth.

Yukon mountain goats sent to Quebec wildlife park

Three kids were recently shipped east to a park in Quebec. The park has 'everything that our goats, we felt, would need to live a long, happy life,' said Maria Hallock of the Yukon Wildlife Preserve.

Peregrine falcon recovery 'astounding,' says Yukon biologist

'To see [peregrines] now being de-listed is actually a wonderful time,' said Dave Mossop, who's been involved in species recovery efforts since the 1970s.

Full bison butchered, dumped on the banks of a Yukon river

Conservation officers in Yukon are trying to figure out why a properly butchered bison was dumped and left to waste on the banks of a Yukon river.

'Words can't even explain': What the Yukon Native Hockey Tournament meant to one young athlete

Gavin Olito laced up with the Lower Post Eagles for the first time this year. The team even brought a very special jersey out of retirement for him.

Biologist hopes 'harvest pressure map' helps Yukon moose populations

Sophie Czetwertynski is working on a map that she hopes will help educate hunters about which areas of territory have vulnerable moose populations.

Whitehorse man roasts coffee beans at home with help of a bicycle

Firebean Coffee Roasters is a Whitehorse area start-up that puts a unique spin on coffee roasting.

Former Yukon MP Ryan Leef endorses Maxime Bernier for Conservative leadership

Ryan Leef will be making a return to politics in support of fellow conservative Maxime Bernier, who is seeking nomination as the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.