Take a sneak peek inside the N.W.T.'s new $350M hospital

It's not scheduled to be fully operational until 2019, but media and invited guests toured the under-construction Stanton Territorial Hospital on Monday. The $350 million project is the largest in Yellowknife's history.

New Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife is biggest construction project in city's history

It's not scheduled to be fully operational until 2019, but media and invited guests toured the new Stanton Territorial Hospital on Monday to see how construction is going.

The project is expected to cost $350 million — including $300 million for construction and $50 million for project management — the largest construction project in Yellowknife's history.

Take a look at some of the hospital's new features in our gallery:

The Stanton Hospital, June 26, 2017. "We've increased capacity as far as the number of beds that are available for inpatient services," said Glen Abernethy, the territory's Minister of Health and Social Services. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)
A view from the mental health floor. There is also a secure outdoor patio area for patients to use. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)
MLA Kevin O'Reilly takes a photo of the view from a hospital room. The hospital construction is on time and on budget, according to territorial Minister of Infrastructure Wally Schumann (right). (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)
MLAs and members of the media take a look at the hospital's new cafeteria, which has taken on an orange hue in the absence of windows. There will be 274 windows in the hospital, with at least one in every room. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)
MLAs exploring the rooftop of the hospital. Once complete, the hospital roof will be the highest point in Yellowknife. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)
MLAs R.J. Simpson and Cory Vanthuyne stand with Minister Alfred Moses and construction workers in an elevator shaft during a tour of the new hospital. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)
One of the birthing rooms. In the new facility, women will have the option of giving birth in pools. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)
One of three operating rooms available in the new Stanton Territorial Hospital. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)
The ambulance bay at the rear entrance of the hospital. There will also be two trauma bays at the new facility. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)
The hospital will be heated with two wood pellet boilers. Combined, they will provide 100 per cent of the building's heating. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)
A standard hospital room. Each of the 100 rooms in the new hospital will be for a single patient, which is important for infection control. (Rignam Wangkhang/CBC)