Seal hunt in Grise Fiord gets modern twist

Hunters in Grise Fiord, Nunavut, are putting a modern twist on their traditional seal hunt by using their trucks to play music and keep warm while out on the ice.

Hunters now use trucks to drive out to site, warm up

Seal hunters in Grise Fiord are putting a modern twist on a traditional activity. They're using their trucks to keep warm and listen to music while out on the ice. (Submitted photo)

Hunters have traditionally used sled dogs to get to their best seal hunting grounds.

Then came snowmobiles. Now, some hunters in Grise Fiord, Nunavut, are using a different kind of transportation to hunt for the essential food and clothing source.

"It’s really comfortable hunting by truck, looking for seal holes and listening to music," said Laisa Ningeoq.

She said it all began last winter when people hauled ice from an ice berg in their vehicles. Now, she drives her S.U.V. to check seal nets about four kilometres away from the community.

Over the Christmas break, only hunters with trucks were allowed to join a seal-hunting competition. No one had any luck catching a seal.

Ningeoq said one good thing about hunting on the ice with a truck is that if hunters get cold, they can warm up inside and then continue hunting.

She said they always check to make sure the ice is thick enough to support the heavy trucks.