Scary Bear Soundtrack's new EP inspired by time in Nunavut

Synthpop duo Gloria Guns and Christine Aye are set to release their new 6-track EP, Ovayok Road, this August.

Cambridge Bay duo's 'Ovayok Road' features songs about the Northern Lights and 24-hour darkness

Scary Bear Soundtrack, the popular synthpop group from Cambridge Bay, is releasing a new EP inspired by Gloria Guns' (left) and Christine Aye's time spent in the Kitikmeot community. (Submitted by Denise Lebleu)

With tracks like Victoria Island, My First Northern Lights and Water Truck, it's no surprise that Scary Bear Soundtrack's new release was inspired by the synthpop duo's time in the North. 

Gloria Guns and Christine Aye have represented Nunavut in CBC's Searchlight talent contest for the past two years, making it all the way to the finals in 2015.

In August, they'll launch their Ovayok Road EP in Yellowknife and Ottawa. 

Waiting in this land without trees, we've been asleep for 13 weeks.- Victoria Island by Scary Bear Soundtrack

"A lot of it has come from our experience living in the North," said Aye, who works with Nunavut's Department of Justice in Cambridge Bay.

She says the "adventure" of everyday Northern life has influenced their music.

Music with a message

Guns also worked in the Kitikmeot community's justice system, but has since moved to Ottawa. 

"Our inspiration comes from, sometimes, the things that we see at work and how we cope with the difficult things we deal with at work." 

But with electronic beats and soft vocals, the group's songs are meant to energize listeners.  

"We want to send a positive message," said Aye, "so we end on a positive note." 

Scary Bear Soundtrack will give Northerners the first chance to pick up Ovayok Road when the group performs at NWT Pride, from August 7-9 in Yellowknife. 

Gloria Guns will then host the official album release party in Ottawa on August 14. 


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