Vandals smash dozens of windows at Ross River school

Staff discovered the damage when they arrived Thursday morning, and classes were cancelled for the day.

Classes cancelled on Thursday as staff clean up and assess damage, parts of school to open on Friday

A spokesperson with Yukon's Education Department said it's too soon to say how much repairs will cost. (Submitted)

The school in Ross River, Yukon, was closed on Thursday after staff arrived to find dozens of windows had been broken by vandals overnight.

"I can't say for sure what the exact number was, but we were looking at approximately 40 windows," said Kyle Nightingale with Yukon's Department of Education.

Nightingale said staff quickly decided to cancel classes for the day, so the mess could be cleaned up and the damage assessed. He said it's too soon to say how much repairs will cost.

Staff arrived at the school in Ross River on Thursday morning to find 'approximately 40' windows had been broken overnight. (CBC)

Parts of the school will be open for classes to resume on Friday, Nightingale said.

He said school staff also notified RCMP about the incident. 

With files from James Miller