Romanian takes long road to Toronto, via Grise Fiord

A Romanian man trying to reach Toronto via Greenland and Nunavut has been arrested in Grise Fiord under the Immigration Act.

A 32-year-old Romanian man who arrived in theHigh Arctic community of Grise Fiord from Greenland by motorboat Monday has been arrested under the Immigration Act.

The man travelled up the west coast of Greenland, from Qaanaq to Sisimiut, and then crossed the icy waters of Davis Strait to Grise Fiord, said Nunavut RCMP Cpl. Randy Slawson.

"He basically had a GPS, no food and maybe he felt it was a short enough trip that he didn't need these supplies,"Slawson said.

"But when he did come ashore, the boat had suffered some damage, the individual was very cold and hungry."

The man, whose name has not been released, left Greenland on Sept. 11. Once safely in Canada, he planned to go to Toronto.

Police in Grise Fiord met him when he arrived in order to clear him through customs.

He was arrested after they discovered he had been deported from Canada in 2000.

Slawson said an immigration hearing via telephone will be held Wednesday. He'll be flown to Resolute Bay Thursday and then taken south.

Grise Fiord is a small Inuit settlement on Ellesmere Island created by the Canadian government in the 1950s to assert sovereignty.