Whitehorse swim club and parents of star swimmer settle dispute

The lawyer for the parents of swimmer Adrian Robinson says there's been an amicable resolution to a lawsuit over the family's obligations to the club.

Lawyer for parents of Adrian Robinson says there's been an amicable resolution to lawsuit

A lawyer for the Robinson family says it's important for anybody signing a contract to take note of its obligations. (CBC)

A legal dispute between the Whitehorse Glacier Bears Swim Club and one of its members has been settled out of court.

The club had sued the parents of star swimmer, Adrian Robinson, for failing to fulfil volunteer obligations.

The Robinson family lawyer, Graham Lang, said they've reached a reasonable settlement, but the terms are not being released.

"I mean it's just generally advisable out there, whenever you're entering into something that looks like a contractual relationship be careful to read the terms and abide by them all," Lang said.

"In this case we didn't have to try any of those matters because everybody was very reasonable and came to an amicable resolution."

The club had claimed the family owed almost $5,000 for ignoring bingo duties and other fundraising obligations.

Participants in the Glacier Bears Swim Club and their parents or guardians are required to complete certain volunteer commitments, depending on their level of club involvement.

Parents of those in the competitive Silvertip category are required to work 10 bingo games as a caller or banker, volunteer a minimum of 10 sessions at local time trials and swim meets and complete an additional 45 hours of club volunteer work.

The family has since moved to Botswana in Africa, where Lang said Robinson continues to pursue a swimming career.