Richard Gleeson

Richard Gleeson is a reporter for CBC in Yellowknife. He covers a wide variety of issues, including politics, the justice system and the environment.

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Fort Good Hope man sentenced to 5 years for axe attacks

Christopher Robin Shae received a five-year sentence for a violent attack that left two people seriously injured in Fort Good Hope, N.W.T., a year ago.

N.W.T. government denies any wrongdoing in jail sex abuse lawsuit

The government is denying any wrongdoing in its response to a $1.25-million lawsuit filed by a former inmate of the North Slave Correctional Complex. Kelly Canadian alleges he was sexually abused by a corrections employee while serving time at the Yellowknife jail.

Class action alleging discrimination by RCMP in North growing, says lawyer

There is steady interest in joining a $600-million class action lawsuit claiming RCMP discrimination against Indigenous people in the North, according to one of the lawyers who initiated the lawsuit.

Bids on new Hay River fish plant much higher than government expected

Clark Builders offered to build the plant for $14.5M. Arctic Canada said it could do the job for $14.1M. In January, the territorial and federal gov'ts announced $8.9M for the project.

Affidavit provides new details about huge booze bust in Yellowknife apartment

Recently filed court documents provide some insight into what the RCMP described as likely the largest liquor seizure in ever in the Northwest Territories.

Some N.W.T. incumbents still using their MLA social media accounts

Social media plays a part of most election campaigns, but there are few rules in the N.W.T. governing incumbent candidates’ use of Facebook and Twitter accounts they used in their role as MLAs.

Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway sign blunder drove up cost by 43%, emails show

The N.W.T. Infrastructure Department had problems with signs informing drivers of where they were entering and leaving private Inuvialuit lands, where caribou hunting is banned, and where tags are required to hunt big game.

Former Yellowknife high school coach facing sexual assault charge

A former Yellowknife girl’s high school basketball coach is accused of sex crimes involving a student at the school where he coached.

Filing for compensation from the Giant Mine cleanup? You have 3 weeks

People claiming compensation for expenses resulting from the cleanup of Giant Mine have three weeks to explain why they should be compensated and how much they should get.

N.W.T. sex offender declared dangerous offender in Yellowknife court

A 34-year-old man who raped a girl in Hay River almost six years ago has been declared a dangerous offender, but the judge said it was not necessary to sentence him to prison indefinitely.

N.W.T. gov't sued over cancelled barge delivery

A Cambridge Bay developer is suing the Northwest Territories government for damages it says it suffered as a result of a cancelled barge delivery last year.

Accused in fentanyl trial says he never intended to sell drug

A Yellowknife man who, at the start of his trial, pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, says when he bought furanyl fentanyl online he never had any intent to sell it.

No sign of permanent damage after Yellowknife woman's opioid overdose, doctor says at trial

The woman complained of pain and numbness the day after she overdosed — but the doctor said she found no signs of permanent damage.

Opioid trial delves into digital tools used in alleged drug trafficking

Police seized a laptop they allege 24-year-old Darcy Oake used to order furanyl fentanyl on the dark web.

Deadly effects of fentanyl almost impossible for users to detect: Toxicologist

A former chief toxicologist for Alberta testified Monday in the trial of a 24-year-old man who is charged with criminal negligence causing bodily harm for supplying furanyl fentanyl to a woman who overdosed.