Resolute Bay woman sentenced to 2½ years for manslaughter

A Resolute Bay woman who pleaded guilty to manslaughter was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison and three years probation. The jail time has already been served since she killed her partner in a domestic dispute in November 2018.

Alicia Manik pleaded guilty in 2018 death of her partner, a Pond Inlet man

The Nunavut Court of Justice in Iqaluit. Justice Bonnie Tulloch sentenced Alicia Manik to 2½ years in jail and three years probation after the Resolute Bay woman pled guilty to manslaughter. The jail time has already been served. (Sara Frizzell/CBC)

A Resolute Bay woman who pleaded guilty to manslaughter was sentenced to 2½ years in prison and three years probation but won't have to go back to prison. She has already served the time since she killed her partner in a domestic dispute in November 2018.

At the time, 25-year-old Alicia Manik was living in Pond Inlet with Stephan Enoogoo.

On Nov. 8, both were intoxicated and physically fighting. Enoogoo allegedly threatened Manik with a knife and threatened to kill her. 

Before escaping, Manik stabbed Enoogoo several times with a pocket knife. Two of the wounds punctured his heart.

According to court documents, Manik went for help and told the police what happened, saying, "I stabbed Stephan and you guys need to check on him."

Witnesses said she had injuries and said she had been punched in the head. 

Reasons for sentencing

In the sentencing decision released Monday by the Nunavut Court of Justice, Nunavut Justice Bonnie Tulloch said the accused showed remorse, but said alcohol and the use of a knife were problematic, leading to a heavier sentence.

"The use of the knife and the over-consumption of alcohol were the main players in the tragic events that led to Stephan's death," Tulloch said.

Because of the man's many stab wounds and other injuries, Tulloch denied a lower sentence proposed by the defence.

"Given that, in committing this offence, Alicia used a knife to stab Stephan not once but numerous times, I find that a sentence at the low end of the scale is not appropriate in this case," Tulloch said. 

She sentenced Manik to two-and-a-half years in prison and three years probation. 

Manik admitted to being an alcoholic and said she had been abused in the past. She had no previous criminal record. 

During the next three years, Manik is required to report regularly to a probation officer in Resolute Bay. 

"There is no doubt in my mind that Alicia is very sorry and remorseful for what happened that fateful night," Tulloch said.

"This was evident in the statement she read out loud in court on Dec. 8. She told Stephan's family that they were nothing but kind to her and all she did in return was to cause them pain and grief." 

'Time-served position'

Manik had been in custody at the Nunavut Women's Correctional Centre since her arrest. She was released three times but breached her probation.

The judge noted Manik had spent 678 days in jail since her arrest and that she is entitled to 1½ day for every day spent in custody, which amounts to 1,017 days.

"She is now in a time-served position," wrote Tulloch in her decision. 

Tulloch added that Manik will need professional help healing from her addiction. Her probation conditions include seeking addictions treatment and mental health counselling.