Resolute airport landing system repaired

Repairs have been completed to the airport's instrument landing system in Resolute, Nunavut, which was damaged Wednesday.

Phone lines used by instrument landing system damaged Wednesday

Repairs have been completed to the airport's instrument landing system in Resolute, Nunavut.

Shawn Maley, director of Nunavut airports with the territorial government, said Thursday afternoon that the system was back in service. 

Nav Canada workers damaged the phone lines currently in use for the air navigation system while they were taking apart the old, unused flight service station at the airport on Wednesday.

Nav Canada issued a warning to airlines about the problem. That notice has now been removed.

Aircraft could still land while the instrument landing system was offline, but only under visual flight rules. That meant pilots required clear weather to land planes by sight.

The weather was not good on Wednesday but Maley wasn't sure if any flights were cancelled. 

Resolute and Iqaluit are the only Nunavut airports equipped with instrument landing systems.