Redstone Trophy Hunts denies wasting moose, caribou meat

A big game outfitter based in Alberta says his company is not guilty of wasting meat in the Northwest Territories. 'We just don’t do things like that,' says David Dutchik.
David Dutchik poses with his family. Dutchik says Redstone Trophy Hunts has been operating for 25 years, and they 'just don't do things like that.' (Redstone Trophy Hunts)
An Alberta outfitting company facing meat wastage charges in the Northwest Territories is denying any wrongdoing

Redstone Trophy Hunts is based in Cochrane, Alta. and offers sheep, moose and caribou hunts in the Sahtu.

Redstone's owners David Dutchik and his partner, Dallas Gertner, are charged with spoiling the meat of woodland caribou and moose.

But Dutchki says the company has been around for 25 years and they “just don’t do things like that.”

Redstone Trophy Hunts advertises '6000 square miles of prime hunting country with many great watersheds to explore' based out of two main camps and 44 outpost camps.
Court documents show the incident took place sometime between September 21 and 27 in 2012 while the group was hunting near Hay Hook Lake not far from Norman Wells.

Redstone keeps detailed summaries of their hunts on its website, and the one matching the dates above says “four helicopter moose hunters flew in.We had a great hunt and took some good old bulls. All four hunters took a bull and one ended up taking a caribou."

Hunters come from all over the world to hunt with Redstone.

According to its website, a trip like the one noted above would cost more than $15,000.

Dutchik says that he and Gertner are not guilty.

Both will be in court again to officially enter their plea on March 4th.