Victim of fatal snowmobile crash near Yellowknife identified as father of twins

Sgt. Jeffrey Lindsay of the 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group was a father of two boys. He died in a snowmobile accident on Reid Lake, Saturday.

Jeffrey Lindsay, 46, served in Afghanistan before taking a job with the 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group

Jeffrey Lindsay, centre, is being identified as the 46-year-old man who was killed in a snowmobile crash on Saturday near Reid Lake, which is about 60 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife. (Photo submitted by JTFN)

The man killed in a snowmobile crash over the weekend was Jeffrey Lindsay, a sergeant with the 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (CRPG) in Yellowknife, Cpt. Sam Kim of Joint Task Force North confirmed on Wednesday.  

Lindsay, 46,  was from Brantford, Ontario and the father of twin 12-year-old boys.

He was posted to the 1 CRPG unit in Yellowknife in 2015. 

Lindsay was a knowledgeable ranger and a great man, said Lt.-Col. Tim Halfkenny, commanding officer of the 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group.

"He was a caring man, he was extremely knowledgeable," said Halfkenny. "He was well respected not only in the community, but in the ranger patrol group as well."

Before joining the rangers in Yellowknife, Lindsay served as an artillery soldier in Afghanistan.

Halfkenny worked with Lindsay for six or seven months. He said some of the policy changes that were made in the 70-person unit were done with Lindsay's input.

Operations Sergeant Jeffrey Lindsay, far left, leaves behind two sons and his wife, Nadia. (Photo courtesy Canadian Armed Forces)

"I took command in June this year and relied heavily on him," said Halfkenny.

"Jeff was a phenomenal source of information for me... we often sit around in the morning with a cup of coffee [and] just talk about general ideas and concepts."  

On Saturday, Lindsay's snowmobile hit a snow-covered rock near Reid Lake, which is about 60 km northeast of Yellowknife, RCMP said on Monday.

Police performed CPR, but Lindsay died at the scene.  

Halfkenny said a memorial service will take place Ontario in the coming weeks.