Qayuqtuvik Society soup kitchen looking for volunteers

The Qayuqtuvik Society in Iqaluit says its soup kitchen may have reduce the number of days it's open if it isn't able to find more volunteers.

Group of core volunteers recently left the community, says organizer

Wade Thorhaug is one of the Qayuqtuvik Society members looking for volunteers to help run the soup kitchen on weekdays. The soup kitchen serves about 100 people a day. (David Thurton/CBC)

An organization that runs a soup kitchen in Iqaluit says it may have to reduce the number of days it's able to serve those in need if it isn't able to find more volunteers. 

The Qayuqtuvik Society currently serves hot meals to as many as 100 people every day of the week. 

But organizer Wade Thorhaug says now that a core group of volunteers have moved on, the soup kitchen might only be able to open on weekends.

"What has happened is that these people, due to certain circumstances, have had to leave the city. So now we don't have our regular weekday cooks," he says. 

"What we are looking for is several people who have time in the morning to come in and help with the cooking and possibly the serving at noon."

Thorhaug says they're also looking at ways to accommodate volunteers outside of their regularly scheduled hours of operation.

"One plan we are thinking about now is to actually have people come in on the weekday evenings and make the sandwiches. That frees up a lot of the time in the morning so that somebody can just focus on getting a soup together."

In addition to cooks, the kitchen is looking for people to make sandwiches, wash dishes, and even do bookkeeping. 


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