Popular Nunavik Family Cookbook sent for 2nd print run

A country food cookbook produced in Nunavik featuring recipes for ​seal, caribou and goose has proved so popular the regional government has sent it out for a second print run.

Cookbook based on recipes created for region's childcare centres

A country food cookbook produced in Nunavik featuring recipes for ​curried seal ribs and bacon-wrapped wild goose has proved so popular the regional government has sent it out for a second print run.

The 250-page Nunavik Family Cookbook is in two editions — one in Inuktitut and English, one in Inuktitut and French — and features 70 recipes with glossy full-colour photos.

Bacon-wrapped wild goose is one of the recipes from a popular Nunavik cookbook created by the Kativik Regional Government. (Nunavik Family Cookbook)

Julie-Ann Berthe, assistant director of childcare with the Kativik Regional Government, says they were taken by surprise by the demand for the cookbook.

"As soon as it came out, the phone was ringing off the hook," she said. "Everybody was saying: 'where can I get this?'"

The recipes were developed to feed children in the regional childcare centres and were created in response to nutritional needs.

"A lot of children in Nunavik were being diagnosed as anemic, so all the recipes in the childcare centres were based on iron-rich foods. They were so popular with the children, so that's why we started this family-sized cookbook."

Berthe said it gives people making meals at home more choices on how to prepare the game and fish they have on hand.

"Instead of cooking it the same old way where you just boil it with dumplings and stuff, this gives a little twist to country food."

The cookbook was given out to parents of children attending the childcare centres and others in the communities but the demand is so high the regional government is now looking for ways to sell the book to a larger market.


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