Independent investigation opened after death in Inukjuak, Que.

Investigators are scheduled to arrive in Inukjuak Saturday to investigate circumstances surrounding the death of a 43-year-old man in the community.

Police find unresponsive man March 15; return next day to find him dead

Quebec's Independent Bureau of Investigation is investigating after a 43-year-old man died in Inukjuak. Police reportedly found an unresponsive man in a residence, tried unsuccessfully to wake him up, and came back the next day to find him in the same position as the night before. (CBC)

Quebec's Independent Bureau of Investigation has opened an investigation into circumstances surrounding the death of a man in Inukjuak last week.

On March 15, Kativik Regional Police Force officers were called to a residence after a complaint of domestic violence, according to a news release from the Independent Bureau of Investigation, which was originally published in French.

Police found a woman with a "swollen eye and a bloody mouth" who was "very intoxicated."

According to the news release, she had taken refuge in a house other than hers. Because she spoke neither French nor English, she couldn't make a statement, and police transported her to the hospital.

When police went to her residence, they found an unresponsive man with his head and torso on a piece of furniture.

"They tried unsuccessfully to wake him up and left the scene," states the release.

The next day, police reportedly obtained a statement from the woman involved in the complaint.

An officer returned to the home and found the 43-year-old man in the same position he'd been found the previous evening.

The Independent Bureau of Investigation news release states no other information is currently available and the "investigation will determine whether this information is accurate."

The Independent Bureau of Investigation is responsible for investigating all cases where anybody other than a police officer on duty dies, is seriously injured or is injured by a firearm used by an officer during police intervention or while detained by police.

Investigators were expected to arrive in Inukjuak March 17.