Polar bear kills dog in Arviat, Nunavut

Polar bear sightings are becoming a common occurrence in many Nunavut communities, and there's at least one instance of one killing a pet dog this week.
A polar bear attacked and killed a Siberian husky in Arviat this week.

Polar Bear encounters are becoming a common occurrence in some Nunavut communities, especially this time of year.

In Arviat the bears have been around the community all year but have caused some recent grief by killing domesticated dogs.

Just a few days ago, a polar bear mauled and killed a Siberian husky dog used for a dog team.

"I was so disappointed," Hattie Alagalak said in Inuktitut, when her grandson lost one of his dogs. "I did tell him if he saw it to shoot it but he didn't see the bear so I'm sure it'll kill again."

Although the Hamlet of Arviat runs a patrol program, people are still advised to stay cautious. It is not known how many dogs have been attacked or killed recently by polar bears.