Polar bear chases children in Arviat, Nunavut

A polar bear charged three boys in Arviat Tuesday night near the edge of the community. People in the hamlet are on high alert as polar bears have been sighted around the community this week.

A polar bear charged three boys in Arviat, Nunavut, outside of their home near the edge of the community on Tuesday night.

At about 11 p.m. CT, Annie and William Ollie heard their dog start barking, and William went to check on the dog.

"That's when he saw the polar bear charging towards my son and his two friends," Annie Ollie said in Inuktitut.

She said as soon her husband saw what was happening, he yelled at the boys to run into the house. Then he started his ATV and chased the polar bear away.

Annie Ollie says the bear was across the street from their house, which is located at the edge of the community.

Residents of Arviat are currently on alert as bears have been spotted at the local landfill and surrounding areas.

Roydon Aggark, who works for the hamlet, says polar bear workers in Arviat have been busy for the last few days.

"[People need to] be cautious," Aggark says. "We're all looking after each other."