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Philippe Morin is a reporter based in Whitehorse. Follow him on Twitter @YukonPhilippe.

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Duo behind 'smart' home ventilation system win Yukon Innovation Prize

Cody Reaume and Thomas Jacquin of Whitehorse developed a prototype for a controller for heat recovery ventilation systems.

Youth spruce up Mount Sima to welcome mountain bikes

18 young people are working to transform the ski and snowboard hill into a destination for mountain biking.

Early count points to steady chinook salmon numbers in Yukon River

The first data is starting to come in assessing the strength of this year's Yukon River chinook salmon run — and so far the numbers are promising, says a U.S. biologist.

Haines Junction residents reassured as wind keeps wildfire at bay

Residents of Haines Junction, Yukon, say they feel safe despite a growing wildfire north of the village, and a visible column of smoke on the horizon.

New rules will let Yukon pharmacists deliver vaccines

Pharmacists in Yukon will soon be able to deliver flu shots and other vaccines. That's one of many changes made as the territory's Pharmacists Act is replaced. Regulating pharmacists under the Health Professions Act will also mean new requirements for pharmacists to maintain a licence.

Ontario students complete (main) course on new Yukon food tour

A group of students from the University of Guelph has concluded a Yukon tour that focused on food distribution, cost and local growing. The new Yukon Food Security in Northern Canada was offered this year to 22 undergraduate students.

Meat, fish and animal carcasses found near Dawson City

You could not invent more attractive bear bait if you tried: Moose meat, salmon fillets and a whole fox, beaver and wolf pup carcass. These were all dumped by a roadside outside Dawson City. The fragrant pile inevitably drew a bear close to town.

Community hears calls for peace and forgiveness at Whitehorse vigil for crash victims

A public vigil was held yesterday in Whitehorse. It was a moment for people to grieve for two teenagers who died this week in a collision. Community leaders and relatives also called for people to stop harassing and threatening the family of a man charged with impaired driving.

'Two-eyed seeing': Carcross tries on-the-land science class

Many students remember dissecting a frog in high school: A new class offered outside Carcross has a twist on that. Students prepare a rabbit and make stew. It's a small example of how Indigenous culture is incorporated into a new science class offered outside Carcross.

Yukon firefighters begin training as 12 fires kick off wildfire season

Firefighters are training this week in Whitehorse as the wildfire season begins. As of today, Yukon Wildland Fire Management has already responded to 12 fires across the territory.

Kaska elders say 'souga senla' for meal delivery program

'It means a lot to me,' said Hammond Dick, one of dozens of elders in Watson Lake, Yukon, who are receiving weekly deliveries of meals prepared in the local hospital kitchen.

First Nation in Yukon tests new machines to pull water from air

A First Nation is testing what are called atmospheric water generators in Watson Lake, Yukon. Advocates hope the technology will be useful in remote reserves and other communities dealing with boil-water advisories.  

'Enormous escalations' in dump use means new opportunity for Yukon businesses

'It's simpler in many ways just going out to public tender,' says government spokesperson.

Yukon's contaminated sites now mapped online

A new map is keeping track of contaminated sites in Yukon. Environmentalists welcome the publication which they call a valuable educational tool.

Whitehorse grapples with impacts of record-breaking warm weather

Whitehorse has started controlled burns weeks earlier than normal, and at the same time city council is considering declaring a climate change emergency.