Possible cause identified for fatal cabin fire near Inuvik

The fire department in Inuvik has confirmed that one person died and another was injured in a fire at a nearby cabin.
One person is dead and another injured after an over-packed stove caused a cabin to catch fire about 16 kilometres outside of Inuvik, N.W.T. (David Thurton/CBC)

The Fire Chief in Inuvik has released more information about a fire at a nearby cabin that took the life of one person and injured another over the weekend.

The fire started Sunday morning at a small cabin about 16 kilometres south of InuvikFire officials say by the time they got there, the cabin had burned to the ground. There were three people in the cabin when the fire broke out.

Inuvik Fire Chief, Jim Sawkins says the wood stove was made out of a 45 gallon drum with a stove pipe and the pipe was not insulated. He adds the plywood in the ceiling had probably dried out from consistent heat.

"The heat from the chimney radiated to the ceiling of the cabin and of course started the roof on fire." 

 He says it's not clear why one person was unable to escape the fire while the two others were able to get out. The injured person has a cut finger.

The Northwest Territories Fire Marshal flew to Inuvik Monday to assist with the investigation.

The RCMP is also conducting an investigation into this deadly fire.