On the Sahtu winter road with The Trailbreaker

This week CBC North's Trailbreaker radio team is travelling the road, telling stories along the way.

The Mackenzie Valley Winter Road is one of the toughest drives in the N.W.T. It is mostly remote, with tricky turns, rolling hills and rough patches that can be hard to manoeuvre.

It's not your average highway. 

This week CBC North's Trailbreaker radio team is travelling the road, telling stories along the way. We'll be in the community halls, the diners, the homes, and the trucks of people who rely on this road every winter.

Weather and road permitting we will be broadcasting from Fort Simpson, Tulita, Norman Wells, Fort Good Hope and Deline this week, which means we'll also be bringing you lots of stories from the Sahtu region.

Tune in or livestream CBC North Radio One in N.W.T. from 6 to 8 a.m., or relive the shows here: 

Monday: Fort Simpson
Listen to Hour 1 - Russian Journalists, Dog Team AWG Trials, Fort Simpson's Ice Man,
Listen to Hour 2 - Road conditions update, Truck Driver Testimony, Bernie Bennett's Big Game, Winter Road Tow Truck Driver

Lehgots'ehdeh - (Slavey language) Leitha Kochon talks with Jimmy Hope about the road conditions

Tuesday: Tulita

Listen to Hour 1 - Ukraine Protests, Parliament back in session, Helpful Hands in Tulita, Big Mama's Breakfast
Listen to Hour 2 - Tulita Mayor Danny Yakeleya, Dennis Bevington on C-15, Riding Shotgun, Trucker Radio 

Wednesday: Norman Wells
Listen to Hour 1:  State of the Union, Delta Arctic Winter Games bid, dating hacking, road reflections
Listen to Hour 2:  Norman Yakeleya on fracking, Moose meat, young pilot truck driver, walk to Tuk

Thursday: Fort Good Hope​
Listen to Hour 1 - Arsenic and health, Eye damage, Sahtu small business
Listen to Hour 2 - Chief Greg Laboucan, Talkback, Tommy Akavak, Spa Night in Fort Good Hope

Friday: Tulita again!
Listen to Hour 1: Thomas Berger on the Peel, Fireside chat about power costs, Russia's Road of Bones
Listen to Hour 2: Tulita conflict of interest, Deline self government, Cribbage games in Tulita, Weekly contest