Older, non-LCD screen phones fared better in cold

Finnish magazine MikroPC has tested 18 phones to find out if companies' cold-temperature ratings are reliable, and Apple's iPhone fared the worst.

Apple's iPhone fared the worst, dying at -10 C

Finnish magazine MikroPC has tested 18 cellphones to find out if the companies' cold-temperature ratings are reliable.

Finnish magazine MikroPC tested out 18 cellphones. Those without LCD screens were found to last longer as temperatures got colder. (Associated Press)

Ossi Jääskeläinen tested phones from Apple, Samsung and Nokia. He put the popular phones in a lab and gradually lowered the temperature until the phones stopped working.

The iPhone was the least durable, dying before –10 C, while the hardiest phone for cold temperatures was a cheaper, older Nokia model that survived until nearly –40 C.

"We were trying to find out if manufacturers can really back up their claims, saying their phones can last in cold temperatures like –20," said Jääskeläinen.

MikroPC said phones without LCD screens lasted longer.

The company plans to do the experiment again with more cellphones.