North·NWT Votes 2019

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CBC North provided a questionnaire to all candidates running in the 2019 election. Compare and contrast their platforms and answers before you vote Oct. 1.

CBC North provided a questionnaire to every candidate; compare and contrast their responses

Compare and contrast your candidates below by clicking on your riding. (CBC)

Candidates across the N.W.T. are seeking your vote in the Oct. 1 territorial election, and CBC North is working to get you informed before you mark your X.

As candidates were nominated, CBC North provided each with the opportunity to answer a short questionnaire over email or phone. They were asked questions about their priorities, their platforms, and four issue-specific questions: one each on the economy, climate change, the territorial government's operations, and the territorial government's relationship with Indigenous peoples.

Candidates were also asked if they plan to seek a cabinet position or the premiership, if they are elected.

Click on your riding below and check what your candidates have to say. Some have not yet responded, and we'll add their answers as we receive them. No candidates have yet responded in constituencies without a link.

Candidates have been acclaimed in three ridings — Hay River North, Monfwi, and Mackenzie Delta. 

Deh Cho

Frame Lake

Great Slave

Hay River South

Inuvik Boot Lake

Inuvik Twin Lakes

Kam Lake



Range Lake



Tu Nedhe-Wiilideh

Yellowknife Centre

Yellowknife North

Yellowknife South