NWT's Gwich'in Tribal Council to pursue Yukon government

The Gwich'in Tribal council says 'unilateral' Yukon plan threatens 'continued connection to sacred area.'

Group joins Yukon First Nations in opposing plans for Peel Watershed

The NWT's Gwich'in Tribal Council has announced it will pursue legal action against the Yukon government. 

Norman Snowshoe who is vice president of the Tribal Council says the NWT group opposes the Yukon government's plans for the Peel River Watershed. 

The announcement comes after a series of protest marches in Gwich'in communties. 

A press release from the Tribal Council reads: 

"The Final Recommended Plan proposed by the Commission was a compromise for the Gwich’in, who had made it clear that they wanted the entire Peel region to be protected from resource development. However, the GTC supported, and continues to support, the Final Recommended Plan’s proposed protection of 80% of the Peel Watershed, and its focus on sustainable development.

Despite the Gwich’in’s good faith participation in this process, the Yukon government has drastically and unilaterally re-written the operative elements of the Final Recommended Plan, significantly reducing the protections for the Peel Watershed."

Snowshoe says the Yukon's government plan would threaten the "Gwich’in’s continued connection to this sacred area." 

The announcement of legal action means the Gwich'in will now pursue the government in a supporting action parallel to Yukon's Nacho Nyak Dun and the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Nations who have launched legal action against the Yukon government.