N.W.T. gov't posts guidelines for residents receiving medical and long-term care in Alberta

The N.W.T. government has issued guidance for residents who remain in Alberta hospitals and long-term care facilities, or who have medical appointments.

Residents in hospital or long-term care should still stay put, the GNWT said in a statement

Royal Alexandra Hospital hospital sign with directions to emergency, parking and the main entrance.
Residents in hospital or long term care should stay where they are, says the GNWT in its statement. (Codie McLachlan/CBC)

Evacuated N.W.T. residents in hospital or long-term care should continue to stay where they are instead of returning home, the N.W.T. government said Sunday.

The guidance, issued by the N.W.T. Health and Social Services Authority, applies to anyone from Fort Smith, but also those who haven't returned yet to Yellowknife.

"Patients will be supported through medical travel or other appropriate supports, as needed," reads the public notice. 

"Supports may also cover immediate family including transportation back to the community."

Supports may cease after re-entry flights end

Fort Smith residents who are required to stay outside of the community for medical appointments booked in Alberta between Sept. 18 and Sept. 22 are being asked to contact the health centre in Fort Smith for further information about supports available for those remaining in Alberta.

The health authority also says it will help those who need to return to Fort Smith beyond the community evacuee co-ordination of flights. 

It says those who have appointments beyond Sept. 22 should return to the community.

"We understand there may be individuals who are concerned about the availability of health and social services in Fort Smith, or environmental conditions such as smoke," the health authority wrote.

"Should you choose not to return to your home community after an evacuation order is lifted because of this concern, please be aware that supports for evacuees may cease when re-entry flights have been completed and the [health authority] will not be co-ordinating any additional evacuee supports or flights to return to the community."

Fort Smith residents who are in one of the situations detailed above can call the Fort Smith health centre at 867-621-2233 for more information about evacuee support 

Yellowknife residents are asked to call Yellowknife Primary Care at 867-767-9294.