N.W.T. officials confirm 5th case of COVID-19

Public health officials say the person self isolated immediately upon returning to Yellowknife on March 23.

Case is connected to travel in Latin America, authorities say

The Northwest Territories' Office of the Chief Public Health Officer confirmed the territory's fifth case was found in a person who recently returned to Yellowknife from Latin America. (Jennifer Geens/CBC)

Northwest Territories health officials say they've confirmed a fifth case of COVID-19 in the territory.

A release from the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer confirmed the case Sunday night.

According to the release, the case is connected to travel in Latin America. They said the person, as well as people in the same household, went into self-isolation immediately after the traveller returned to Yellowknife March 23.

The person developed symptoms eight days later, on March 31, and was tested soon after, according to the release. The positive test result came back within three days, it says.

There's no word on the person's condition, but officials said the individual is "recuperating at home."

"This is another case where everything was done right," the release states.

"The individual and their household immediately isolated, had food dropped off, and stayed home. When they developed symptoms, they called ahead and were tested safely using the necessary protective equipment."

Officials expect the risk of transmission to others is low because the person followed instructions. Still, they're investigating their possible contacts.

The release says there are still no confirmed incidents of the illness spreading in the community as all cases have been related to travel.

Third case in Yellowknife

The case is the third to be confirmed in Yellowknife and the second to be related to international travel.

The first, confirmed March 21, was an individual who had travelled to British Columbia and Alberta, before returning home to Yellowknife. According to officials, the individual isolated after developing symptoms three days after returning. Health officials said on April 3 this person has since recovered.

The second, confirmed April 1, involved another individual who travelled from British Columbia to the territory, and entered immediate self-isolation in Inuvik, developing symptoms five days later.

On April 3, the territory announced two more cases. One involved an individual who had travelled in violation of public health orders to an unspecified small community in the territory, later confirmed to be Fort Resolution. The individual entered the territory on March 22, and developed symptoms four days later and was hospitalized.

The other involved a person who travelled to the territory from Europe and voluntarily self-isolated, developing symptoms five days later.