Unvaccinated kids can skip isolation hubs before going to Nunavut, starting Monday

Children and other unvaccinated people who travel outside of Nunavut will no longer have to spend two weeks in southern isolation hubs before returning to the territory.

Parents and guardians who are vaccinated will not have to self-isolate with their kids on arrival

A view of Iqaluit from the breakwater in July of 2021. Traveling out of and back to Nunavut just got a lot easier for parents in the territory. Their children will now be able to self-isolate at home, and vaccinated parents will not have to isolate with them. (David Gunn/CBC)

Children and other unvaccinated dependents who travel outside of Nunavut will no longer have to spend two weeks in southern isolation hubs before returning to the territory, the territory's chief public health officer announced Friday. 

Once in territory, parents or guardians who are vaccinated will no longer need to isolate alongside their unvaccinated kids. 

"With no current outbreaks in Nunavut and vaccination rates increasing, it's time to  further adjust isolation restrictions," Dr. Michael Patterson said in a news release. 

The news comes one day after Nunavut announced the creation of a travel bubble with Nunavik, which includes those who are not vaccinated. It also comes the same day the territory drops its mask mandate, removes restrictions on the size of outdoor gatherings and increases capacity at gyms, restaurants, bars and movie theatres

Throughout the pandemic, Nunavut has required most visitors and returning residents to self-isolate for 14 days in one of four hubs outside of the territory before going North. In mid-June, that rule was relaxed so that vaccinated travelers could return without self-isolation. 

The isolation hubs are still being used for people who are unvaccinated traveling North, or who don't have a place to self-isolate once they arrive. 

No visitors for unvaccinated dependents

Guardians or parents who travel out of Nunavut with their children or dependants will still have to ensure those dependants isolate upon return, along with other unvaccinated household members. 

That includes not inviting visitors into the household, or going visiting. 

No health screening is required at the end of isolation. 

Travelers do have to complete a form before traveling. Find more information on that here