Nunavut's Green Party candidate admits defeat before election is called

The federal election hasn't been called yet, but according to one candidate in Nunavut, you can already cross his name off the list of contenders.

'I realistically don't think I will finish anywhere outside of last place,' says Spencer Rocchi

Spencer Rocchi will be the Green Party candidate for Nunavut in the fall election. According to him, though, he won't be taking office... period. 

Rocchi, a Green Party supporter who has worked as a teacher in Nunavut for the past three years, reached out to the party to ask what he could do to help them in the upcoming general election. 


In response, they asked: "could you run?"

Since the 2004 election, the Green Party has attempted to run candidates in each of Canada's 308 ridings, fielding no fewer than 303 and the entire slate twice, in 2004 and 2006. In many cases, though, this can only be achieved through the use of stand-in candidates.

That's where Rocchi comes in.

"I realistically don't think I will finish anywhere outside of last place," he said. "I would not be assuming office if I were to hypothetically win this thing."

Rocchi sees his role as a candidate in this election not so much as a competitor, but more as a placeholder.

"It's more about the actual party itself," he said. "The Green Party's policies and plans of action themselves more than it's about who's sitting in the position."

Rocchi has struggled to get the 50 signatures required to get on the federal ballot. However, he remains optimistic that Nunavut residents will rally to his cause.


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