Nunavut plans to build 80 housing units by next summer

The Nunavut Housing Corporation is looking for contractors to build 80 units by summer 2015.

Clyde River, Rankin Inlet and Kugluktuk to get 20 housing units each

With 3,000 people waiting for affordable housing in the territory, the Nunavut Housing Corporation says new projects are in the works.

Lori Kimball of the Nunavut Housing Corporation says the $100 million for new housing from the federal government acknowledges Nunavut's unique differences and housing need.

Last year, the federal government allotted $100 million for 213 new housing units in Nunavut. Right now the corporation is looking for contractors to build 80 units.

"We want to see everybody in Nunavut have a home," said interim president Lori Kimball. "Clearly this additional $100 million demonstrates that our messaging to the feds is being heard and that they are acknowledging Nunavut's unique differences and our housing need."

Clyde River, Rankin Inlet, and Kugluktuk will each get two new 10-unit complexes. Cambridge Bay and Taloyoak will each get one 10-unit complex.

The houses are slated for completion in summer 2015.