Nunavut looks to overhaul housing program

The cost to buy and maintain a home in Nunavut is high, and only 25 people were approved for the territory's down payment assistance program.

Government says it wants to make homeownership easier

The cost to buy and maintain a home in Nunavut is high.

Mortgages are high in the territory, and the home ownership assistance program is supposed to help make it easier to own a home.

But the member of the legislative assembly for Pangnirtung, Hezekiah Oshutapik, asked the house why it is so difficult for many to access that program.

"It is not easy getting help from the Housing Corporation – can the Minister tell us why that is," asked Oshutapik.

Housing Corporation Minister Fred Schell said home ownership takes the pressure off the territory’s public housing. He said a shortage of funds is part of the problem, and the reason many apply for assistance.

Fred Schell, the Housing Corporation Minister, told the Nunavut legislature that the government is looking to overhaul the housing down payment assistance program. (CBC)

But only 25 people were approved for the down payment assistance program last year.

"We are seriously looking at changing that whole program," said Schell.

Schell said he wants to make it easier for those in public and government staff housing to buy homes.

He said a review will be complete by the end of the year.