Nunavut votes No in municipal land referendum

The results from Nunavut's historic referendum on whether municipal lands can be bought and sold have come in and they were a resounding No.

Voters went to the polls Monday to decide whether municipal lands can be sold in their community

People across Nunavut headed to hamlet offices and community halls today to vote in the territory's historic land referendum. (Sima Sahar Zerehi/CBC)

The results from Nunavut's historic referendum on whether municipal lands can be bought and sold have come in and they were a resounding No.

A Yes vote would have meant that hamlet and city councils would be able to sell municipal lots to individuals or companies. A No vote means continuing to lease them for a fee.

Elections Nunavut's initial results Monday night said Grise Fiord had voted Yes in the referendum. This morning, it said there had been a "reporting error" and the hamlet actually voted No, 29 votes to four.

Voters in each hamlet decided for their own community. Here are the results:

Results across Nunavut:

Arctic Bay: YES: 13 votes NO: 110 votes — Voter turnout 30 per cent.

Arviat: YES: 44 votes  NO: 214 votes — Voter turnout 24 per cent.

Baker Lake: YES: 49 votes NO: 198 votes — Voter turnout 26 per cent.

Cambridge Bay: YES: 88 votes NO: 222 votes — Voter turnout 37 per cent.

Cape Dorset: YES: 14 votes NO: 118 votes — Voter turnout 19 per cent.

Chesterfield Inlet: YES: 11 votes NO: 53 votes — Voter turnout: 32 per cent.

Clyde River: YES: 16 votes NO: 213 votes  —  Voter turnout 46 per cent.

Coral Harbour: YES: 12 votes NO: 157 votes — Voter turnout: 43 per cent.

Gjoa Haven: YES: 18 votes NO: 268 votes — Voter turnout 40 per cent.

Grise Fiord: YES: 4 votes NO: 29 votes — Voter turnout: 60 per cent.

Hall Beach: YES: 13 votes NO: 157 votes — Voter turnout 45 per cent.

Igloolik: YES: 38 votes NO: 205 votes —  Voter turnout: 35 per cent.

​Iqaluit: YES: 362 votes NO: 833 votes — Voter turnout: 29 per cent.

Kimmirut: YES: 5 votes NO: 108 votes — Voter turnout: 44 per cent.

Kuggaruk: YES: 15 votes NO: 119 votes — Voter turnout 33 per cent.

Kugluktuk: YES: 31 votes NO:193 votes —  Voter turnout 34 per cent. 

Naujaat: YES: 11 votes NO: 138 votes —  Voter turnout: 38 per cent.

Pangnirtung: YES: 12 votes  NO: 202 votes — Voter turnout: 31 per cent.

Pond Inlet: YES: 24 votes NO: 316 votes — Voter turnout: 47 per cent.

Qikiqtarjuaq: YES: 10 votes NO: 151 votes — Voter turnout 51 per cent.

Rankin Inlet: YES: 125 votes NO: 320 votes — Voter turnout 34 per cent.

Resolute: YES: Eight votes NO: 45 votes —  Voter turnout 53 per cent.

Sanikiluaq: YES: 12 NO: 237 — Voter turnout 58 per cent.

Taloyoak: YES: 17 votes NO: 174 votes —  Voter turnout 44 per cent.

Whale Cove: YES: 2 votes NO: 76 votes —  Voter turnout: 40 per cent.

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